The Whisperer

Broken hearted from your lies but you whispered them to me when I was vulnerable. You saw a way into my heart and robbed me of my piece. You said you loved me and I believed your words but they were lies that led you to my heart. You seemed so genuine in your stand but I couldn’t see your shaky knees.

You whispered your ugly words into my life and now you’re leaving. Although I love you I know I must let you go but I’ll miss you until you’re no more than a distant memory. I saw greatness in you but you didn’t see the love I had for you. Now you’re gone and I am left to pick up the pieces of my shattered heart.

I hope the new lady don’t hear your lies. I pray you protect her heart and keep her close to you. Don’t whisper sweet nothings to her if you mean none of them. Don’t whisper you love her if you don’t mean it because she may fall in love with you. Don’t whisper your way into her heart because she may give you a permanent spot and you’re not ready for the bill. Don’t be the whisperer.



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