Lost in the Darkness


A sparkle lights up the corners of my eyes, when you step into a room. I know my prayers have been answered when I hear you whisper in my year,I love you! My world seems invincible when you are near because for once all the pieces seem here.

Words escape my mouth and for a moment I feel alive. It’s the way you move and the way you hold me in your arms that give me the sense of security. Your lips touch mine and the world around me disappears.

Distance starts to creep between us and our conversations start to get shorter. I don’t feel your touch as often but I my love never decreases. Face timing just to see your face and I get mad at myself for not being there.

now you’re saying you love her and although you seem to still love me she’s about to be your wife. I’m mad but I refuse to allow you to see me break because you couldn’t be honest and say you were falling out of love.

You say she’s closer and the feelings came out of nowhere but how can love just disappear. How can you break my heart and act as if I wasn’t here. It’s almost like you’re rewriting history and I lost the most important part: you

I just wanted my happily ever after and I saw that with you but to tell me three days before your public announcement makes me feel like this was planned. You didn’t even give us a chance.

I love you but I love me more. I hope you two have a great life but I refuse to cry anymore over you. I know God has other plans but I won’t let it end with you. You broke my heart but I will heal and I refuse to make the next man pay for your lies.


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