Where is the Justice?

849x493q70Rebecca on Anene murder

April 13, 2017 is a day I’ll never forget. It started off as normal as possible and blessings where flowing. I got a call early that morning from my best friend checking to see if I was awoke because she had to be at work at 7am and I was using her car since I had to be at work at 11a. I had been without a car since 4/10 and she was helping me out. I went to the gym until it was time for me to go to work and every thing seemed so normal.

I got to work only to be told I did not need to be there but my coworkers failed to call me to let me know I wasn’t needed but I stayed. Well me and a few coworkers had words because I knew why they had failed to call me in and it was simply because I had received my promotion and they were upset but I am still not sure why they are mad being that they didn’t apply for the job and the one is a supervisor but oh well. God does not call the qualified, He qualifies the called and I will work according to His Will. Anyways, I just kept it moving.

Around three I got a call and the dealership was saying my car was ready  and could be picked up tomorrow. I was super excited because this meant I cold get back to my regular schedule and could return to my workout schedule. So my day was looking up.

Later right before it was time for me to get off I called home to check on my mom and kids. I knew something sounded different in the voices of my family but I wasn’t sure what was wrong. I could my mom choking as the words left her mouth and she told me they had given my nephew ten years in the penitentiary for a crime he didn’t commit and it felt like a my heart fell through every part of my body and hit the ground. I lost all composure and the tears took over before I could run and hide. I just remember thinking God what is the reason but I just remember holding on and praying for God to let this all be a dream.

I’m an avid reader and researched and I remember watching the 13th on Netflix and reading how when census gets low they find ways to fill their jails and pens. I read close to elections certain things happen to boost number. Well my nephew had been sitting in a jail for almost a year and I remember telling my sister this was against the law in every form. He went to jail when our new chief was looking for his current office and they were holding the first every Hood even. This was a celebration for people to come together and have fun no matter the race because racial tension was at an all time high with all the cop killings. This particular officer was looking for the chief position and wanted it badly so when he got word of this event he thought it would be the perfect time to show he was capable of doing the job.

Everyone came together and officer “Joe” called in the Calvary. He had swat here and cops from four different precincts. They brought armored tanks and several buses under the assumption they would have the opportunity to arrest a lot of people. Anyways the even got started and everyone was having a great time. People from all over was here having an awesome time, enjoying each other and no drama, which was rare but you could tell God was there because people where laughing and kids where everywhere. Well this over zealous police was upset because his thoughts did not become reality and people were getting alone. So he claimed he had a warrant when he saw my nephew. They knocked  him to the ground and three cops held him to the ground, he never resisted and then one cop brandishing a gun around ended up shooting his self in the foot and was near children. They arrested my nephew and took him in saying he had a gun but when they searched him and got him in the car they had no weapon.

He went to jail knowing if justice was served he would be home in a few hours, a day at the most once this was all cleared up. My sister not thinking was thinking the same. So he sat and once the first week was over I told her something wasn’t right. First they told him they needed a new set of prints but you give fingerprints when you go to jail and they stay on file because that’s one thing that never changes. They put him isolation saying he was cussing but where was the rest of the inmates that cuss because as a former guard I know this is not normal for one to be in isolation for cussing. It was then he had a fight and the boy he fought was suing but the video showed the boy fighting someone else so he was released.

Anyways a year later, two lawyers the first being friends with the DA and the second not really looking for truth because my nephew had a prior record and now we get informed they have new evidence saying he was arrested for credit card abuse and my sister called bs because he didn’t use credit cards and nothing to prove this case and they talked to him and told him he could either plead guilty and take a 10 year plea or if they went to court the DA said she would seek to send him to 30 years.

My heart was broken how do you take the freedom of an innocent man? I remembered elections in our city is just now happening and everyone is seeking to keep their office. This was a political stunt and it’s a shame that my nephew was the object of it. He’ll never hold his children and justice is not a reality for my people pf color. Prisons is nothing but modern-day slavery and not every man or women behind bars is a criminal and very few see the sentence that fit their crime.

If my nephew had done a crime worthy of this sentence I would not be so hurt but to know the justice system has failed another black brother kills my spirit. It destroys the very thing I teach my children and I refuse to teach them a lie. I teach them that if they do right then they will live a free life but that is a lie. As long as they are people of color “minorities” the justice system will allow them to be victim of their cruelty. It is my job as their mother to make sure they understand who they are, their ancestors and history so that this world and man’s ideas will not destroy them. I pray often over them and for them because what I can’t do God can and I need him to protect them always.



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