Weight Loss


Hello fellow bloggers and friends,

Today is an amazing day, God has given us another day and despite all I am going through I am blessed.

So let’s talk about weight loss, this has been a problem of mine the past 7yrs. The last three I gained the most weight but seven years ago I gained a whooping 100lbs with the pregnancy of my third son. He was my biggest child and my belly looked as if I was carrying triplets. I was able to get the weight down after giving birth but then came my fourth son and a work related injury after his birth in which I tore my ab muscles picking up a patient. I could not lose the weight and it took over my life because I was unable to be active and was still going through some form of depression.

I am thankful God has turned my life around and I am not depressed and that was with God’s will and motivation. I then started working on my weight and getting my body and health back in control. I really want to be on the same page mind, body and soul and really make God proud of the daughter I am growing into.

Yes, I still seek love but right now I am just focused on me and my relationship with God. I’m happy and I admit working out has turned into a habit for me and I am thankful for that because I feel off when I am not able to workout. I eat healthier and a lot of things I cook the boys love as well and I am slowly transitioning them over to give them a fighting chance.

This is not an easy road but one I am happy taking.



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