The Proposal

Golden brown eyes that shined light into his soul, a smile God could only form and caramel complexion kissed by the sun. I see you in the flesh as I have seen many times before but now I see you more. I see you every night I close my eyes and pray to God for His will to be done and the first image I see is the one of you.

The image of you standing in the middle of the lighted gazebo and in your hands are the most beautiful rainbow roses every seen. As I walk to you, a smile forms at the corner of my lips and my heart starts to race and the sound of the water that runs through the fountain soothes my mind before I go insane. The beautiful white beach of Africa and the sound of the exotic birds as they fly above and the crisp air as it breathes across my flesh and I move toward you. The closer I get to you the lights start to come on one by one revealing those in my life that means the most and I stop for a moment to catch my breath before I fall and I feel God’s hands as they hold me up and move me closer to you. The tears start to fall and for a moment I can’t feel the warmth of my tears as they slide down my face because I am in the trance of just you and I.

I see those gathered in the archway and my best friend standing close and my favorite four little men all gracefully posed by and my heart goes into over load and my knees get weak and I fall to my knees and lift my face to God. He must have known I needed him because I felt His arms comfort me and I knew this was my moment. As I see you walk toward me and you come to your knees right in front of me and you grabbed my hands in yours and as the words fell from your mouth I knew God had finally sent me my king.

I prayed for you while I prepared for you and I stopped all things that would make me unclean and I allowed God to work on me from the inside in but I prayed for you even then. It didn’t seem real even after He showed me who you were and I kept insisting on signs and sure enough He kept given me my requests but not in my own timing. Now you’re here and as you prepare to ask me for my hand I can only thank God for sending you to me because the Bible says He who findeth a good wife findeth a good thing.

I pray that I am everything God has asked me to be and as I reply with yes and our family start to cheer I realize Africa will now be home. My beautiful brown King I am thankful that you allowed your heart to be led by God and He has led you to me. I pray that I am the helpmate that God has called me to be and that as your wife I am always your strength.



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