Awesome Sauce Lol!

God is so great! I will honor him always. Another blessing given to me once again. I opened my eyes and was able to wake up all 4 of my children. My baby boy is sick and was running a fever but the Lord blessed him to be up and about before I left home.

We were able to stop by the store and get a few treats and things. Plus another blessing came through due to my returning back to work my pay been crazy but God fixed it for me. Now I am sitting at work and making my blog because I felt like writing and sharing the gift of the Lord or the knowledge of how good God truly is.

So I believe that we can speak things into existence and that God will allow us to have our wants and needs if we willing obey him and follow his instructions. I am the daughter of a great King and I believe he truly wants us happy and he truly wants to give us in abundance but he knows our heart and what we can handle.

I am so loved by my father because he is always looking out for me. Anyways I am getting married and I know to who but I didn’t write him into existence for a reason because I want my father to really bless me with this because this person is the joy in me. He pushes me to be one with God and to want to be a better person for myself, my kids, and him. I want him to have an awesome wife and the mother of his children will be wonderful. Now the issue is he doesn’t have kids at the moment and we are both climbing the age clock. Here’s another issue we are distances from each other. However, I believe God has already revealed him to be my husband to me and I also believe that he came into my life for a reason and the more I speak the more I know he is mine. God is awesome but I am waiting on him to touch him with a hint of what he has told me.

Anyways things seem to falling into place and I have to give God his praises for all he has done, is doing and will do in my life. I am in this hallway praise dancing until he opens this door. God is good.

Remember I love you but God loves you more.


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