I truly believe that when you go after God’s heart and you step out on faith, the enemy attacks and some people don’t believe in this but it’s true. When people start to see the Lord bless you, they get jealous. They start to envy you and they don’t even realize that green bug has bit them but it shows in everything they do. They don’t see your struggle, the sleepless nights, the tears and the prayers. They only see the glow God gives you and they assume it’s something you’ve got and they want it but they can’t put their fingers on it, so they get mad at you not knowing it’s God.

Yesterday my cousin lost his mom and I was in my feelings and hurt because to him he is alone. I was sitting at work and instead of a fellow coworker asking me to cover her, she ran to her boss and told them she needed me to cover her department. Now remind you I’m on alternate duty after an injury so I am working as a administrative assistant for now so I am in a new department with new people. This lady who is asking for time off gave me a 5 min training and left me on my own and I have been getting compliments on how fast I pick up things and catch on to new tasks. I have covered this woman when they allowed her to go home and to care for her dog and this has happened a few days since I have been on alternate duty. Well yesterday she came in with a crook in her neck, I had one the previous day, but she made an appointment to see her chiro and when she returned she said it was to many people moving around and she was going home for the day. Instead of her asking me she ran to her boss and friend. Well I heard these two talking about me and how I work in a department that allows me to go home at 4 versus 5 but they were the ones who originally told me if I relieve her for lunch I could go home at 4 but they mad now because people are noticing me and offering me positions that I once was not even qualified for.

When God’s children follow his commands and walk in the path in which he has given them others get upset. They don’t know that the greatest thing you have is God and how easy it is to just call upon his name and walk in his light. I’m still the same person I have always been and to hear them discussing me after only meeting me over the last two months was immature but it was God showing me that he was working in my life. He was showing me that even people who didn’t know me was seeing me because he was making me stand out. See what this lady was trying to use to discourage me, God was using it as a teaching method for me and letting me see that his hands was all over my life. God is a way maker.

I know that my next journey will be God’s path for me. I was then looking over my bills and one was due this morning and God reduced my amount once I went to pay it and that was him telling me he had everything under control and he was working in my favor. I don’t know about you but I love the Lord. As a person who had to learn how to do a lot on my own from a early age I am blessed but I still had to express to God that although I  know his power my being still hold a little doubt but God assured me he knew me. So today is a better day.

Remember I love you but God loves you more.


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