Daily Prompt: Silence

via Daily Prompt: Silence In my deepest thoughts my words seem loud as they pour out my pain. AS you stand close to hear my sorrow please do not pass me by. As my hands reach up and my words rang true remember I have done nothing to you. For I stop as you asked and yet I am still dead. My body lay motionless and you return to your home while I lay here in this street. What have I done to you?

Where was my voice when I yelled,did you not hear me as I called out that I am unarmed and have no gun or maybe you didn’t hear me say my CHL was in my pocket or maybe you didn’t hear me hollering for help. I am not sure what the problem was but I know my family is no longer waiting on me to come home because God has already whispered to them that I am now in Heaven.

No it was nothing wrong I did, but it was the color of my skin that set me a part from others. It was the fear that I would rise to my position and you feared once there I would treat you as you have done to me and my people for years. Yes, I understand you are afraid of me but your fear is not justified the way you wish it to be spoken. You put your words into my mouth and took my life. Now I leave behind spouses, kids, family members and friends. It wasn’t because I was a thug although that’s what you called me but if that was the case then my counterparts would be just as guilty since they have stolen my style for years.

You see it’s nothing that I say because you did not hear me! It’s nothing that I did because my hands were visible but was the truth that killed me. The fact that you feared me to be who I was but more importantly you feared what you did to me and karma returning. It wasn’t that I was too loud it was your silence that killed me. Your silent fear that I would realize I was a king and you would one day have to face the humility you put me through.


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