A Moment Not Broken

Hello everyone,

Today is an awesome day and a great blessing to us all. Before I begin I am asking for prayers for my cousin Jerry, he lost his mother today and she was his backbone and now it’s just him left and his sister’s kids. So I know this is a hard journey for him but I am asking you all to lift him and his family in your prayers.

So I know everyone is like so why am I happy? Well first when one passing from here they go home. So we are suppose to rejoice and celebrate their journey home but I just recently found the news out and I woke up happy even though I had some road rage on the way to work this morning.

God is amazing though, things are not perfect in my life but I have chosen to let go and let go. I turned everything over to him and will allow his will to be done even if it’s not the answer I would choose but God knows what’s best for me. So as I stand in this hallway praising him I still have work to do and he is still driving me to do my best.

It’s a blessing to be on his team, not as a team mate, because he don’t need my help but as his child. You see a father always wants what’s best for his child even when the child goes against him but they pray for guidance to turn that child around. My father does just that and I know he will protect me, guide me and advise me. He will never leave me nor forsake me in this world and I can only see growth mentally, spiritually, physically, emotionally, and financially because he said it would be and I believe him and his words. I am blessed.

So remember I love you but God loves you more.


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