Life’s Journey

God is such an awesome God. Today is a wonderful day made by the Lord and I am blessed to be a part of it. Yesterday my second son turned 10 and he had an awesome time. He enjoyed his time fishing with his father and then they came back to our house and they played catch and he said he enjoyed his day with his father and I am blessed to see them smile.

It has been a journey, my business cards came in for the first business I am going and I thankful for that. I really wish I was able to really make them how I want but it’s fine how they are. I learned some new and exciting things about the products that I can’t wait to share and through science experiments I found a new way to show them my products work. So I am now even more excited to get this journey underway and to help a few people turn their lives around.

On a positive note me and the father of my boys are getting along again but I hope it stays this way for the sake of our boys but that’s something to pray about and let God handle. I’m not out the woods yet financial but I know God will make a way and all will work out according to his plan for my life.

This battle is not my own but it is a battle. I have been blessed to be moving in the right direction, I think because I am so on fire for God and all he has me ready to do. My heart is still being pulled to Africa and I pray I see it soon but for now I have things to do over here.

God is a way maker and I know he’ll make a way for me and you!

I love you but God loves you more


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