Determination through God



Today I woke up in great spirits and I know God is with me on this very journey. I think to myself I complain a lot but what am I doing to change my situation and I must admit….nothing. Yes, I work and yes I feel like God has given me things to work on but I get caught up in the things I don’t have to do the work and forget the things I do have to get started. If said if I take the steps he would guide my way, so I better get moving.

My first goal was my It Works business, so I am moving on with that and I just ordered my personalized business cards. This has been a tricky battle because no matter how I feel about a product I have to take in to account that we are all not alike so products have a different reaction to everyone. It hurt though that I have the ability to help so many people lose weight, get control of their health and have natural ways to do this and people naturally assumes it’s a scam. It’s sad the world we live in today is full of those willing to steal and rob people to get ahead instead of working legitimate jobs or starting their own companies. It’s sad this is the world we live in today and the world are children are growing up in. It hurt even more that the people around me would support everyone else and not me but then feel hurt when the outsider takes advantage of them. They run to others for weight loss and then get upset with me because I won’t offer them a discount but you went to someone else and spent twice as much and got no results. IT has been an up and down battle but thankful God has given me a forgiven heart and a loving heart. No matter what I go through with those closest to me, I still make sure to deal with people honestly and to be there as a person of God.

My next move is peace and I found a new place that offers yoga so I am definitely going to try that out once I get started. I also want to get the boys involved in more things too so they won’t be afraid to try things because I think I have hindered my oldest son because he’s not comfortable with challenging his self. I don’t want them to allow fear to stop them from living and I will take the blame for this because I have allowed my claustrophobia and fear of heights to stop me from enjoying a lot in life but now I am ready to take charge and use the advice and information God has given me to start taking the necessary steps to move forward in my life and no more complaining.  If I never use the talents God has given me then what right do I have to complain. I know this loving heart is not just meant to be broken but to love others and helping them. I have been blessed and God is telling me it is time to move and take a stand in receiving a better life through the blessings he has given me.  So today’s message is don’t put off for tomorrow what you can do today.

Remember I love you but God loves you more


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