Motivated by God



Good morning fellow bloggers and followers:


This is a great morning and a blessing to us all. If you have nothing else to be thankful for then this day should be enough. God is great and His timing is perfect. My  weekend was amazing, the boys got to spend more time with their father, I got to spend time with my great-nephew, he turned a month old yesterday. He was such a joy to have and to spend time with. I thought my baby would be jealous but he actually loved having the baby in the house. Not sure if it was because he was small and he could hold him or if it was because he could sneak away and play alone without anyone bothering him. Whatever the reason we had a peaceful Saturday together.

Then I was blessed to be in peace the entire weekend. I had a talk with the Lord and as always he brings peace. I then got word this morning that my great-niece was coming and although the little princess decided to wait until I had to work, I am praying her mother delivers her safely and I’ll be there when I get off. This weekend has been a blessing in every way.

Now the weekend is over and I am back at work and saw the above quote and knew God was sending me a message so today is motivation Monday because my dream has been written down and it is now a goal. A goal I am willing to put into action and to carry it on my faith that it will come to reality. Dreams do come true when God is the one making it happen.

I am blessed and walking in the upright for the Lord and nothing will get in the way of where he is driving me to. I am so happy to be the daughter of such a glorious King, who is Mighty and Able. I don’t know about you but I can feel the Lord working in my favor. Some say favor ain’t fair but when your father is a king no one can dictate his gifts.

Praise even through your trials because I am living proof he can change your situation.

Remember I love but God loves you more.


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