Fixed My Eyes on the Lord


What an awesome day it is to be in the land of the living? The birds are singing and the sun is shining, I look up and see the beautiful, blue sky filled with soft, fluffy clouds. I know God is listening to the Angels Choir.

This morning my journey didn’t start without some resistance. My six-year old decided he didn’t want to do this morning stuff, like waking up but he finally got motivated to move. We made it to get breakfast and they were started on their way. My two-year old was up so he was able to take the journey with us for the first time. He was happy to be taken back home since he now had breakfast in hand. Lol!

I had safe travels to work and God was shining on the land before me. The grass was green, the kids were smiling and my coworkers came ready to work. Oh what a marvelous day! You see when you start your day with God, God goes everywhere with you from that moment on. I have taken this wrong a million times but it seems to get better daily when God is with me.

There is one thing I need to work on and that’s my cussing, I honestly don’t think my future husband wants a woman who can out cuss him. I have to be ready to take this journey and get myself ready for where the Lord is about to take me.  Besides, my husband is getting a lady but let’s face reality she has an edge to her…lol

I am still out on injury but I am “pushing papers” as some say when you’re not use to sitting behind a desk or they might say I am on “desk duty”.

Well I hope everyone is having a fabulous day and remember I love you but God loves you more.



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