My Rock

you-are-my-rock-in-times-of-troubleThankful God is my rock and to God do  I give all honor and praises. This has been a hard journey. I started blogging last year and this year I haven’t been as active. My Fault but God is faithful, it is us that waiver.

These past few months have been awesome filled with heartaches and pains but with God joy comes in the morning. I am currently back at my 9-5 job and my home based business is growing as well.

Yes, people I am still celibate and that is not going to change. I am currently fasting and today is day 8 so I am doing great. God is truly blessing me. I am back at work but I have a different title at the moment since I am still on light duty.

I was frustrated about not being back at work and not having the income I was use to but God does everything for a reason and I started focusing on God’s work and growing my own businesses. He brought me back here over time because I needed my medical so things are good. I got new eyes (my contacts ) lol!

God is really moving in my life and I am aware because everything he touches is golden. I am laying my goals on paper and I will see them through is they are in God’s Will for my life.

I will see Africa in the near future and I am keeping my Faith that while I am in preparation for my husband, that he is in preparation as well.

Omg my son’s father has done a complete 360 and I’m not sure why but for now the boys are loving spending time with their father and they are loving that he is so close by and that they can see him at any time. He claims the relationship with the girl is off and I hope for his kids sake it is because they are loving this time with him. I just hope he has no alternative motives because that would be horrible.

Blessings to all and if you’re looking to get healthy and fabulously fit then leave me a message or if you would like to start your own home based business I am here.


Remember I love you but God loves you more.



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