It’s funny when you’re in a relationship and an outsider see you living a certain way and they assume it’s because of the spouse. Then they start being the side piece hoping to gain what you have. So when you finally call it quits and they end up together and realize that person was not the one benefiting the lifestyle.

True story my ex is now with the same girl he was cheating with. They both have no job, no transportation, and living off her mother who I heard talking about them. I being the mother of his kids tried to be cordial with him for the sake of our kids but his calls and texts never were about our children and I had to constantly remind him I was over him. Well after asking could he use my address and being told no and after repeatedly saying he missed his family he seemed to get the point. I thought that but he texted asking me to verify if we were talking and if I knew he was with her and planning to get married. I figured it was her or him trying to cover up his current side piece by saying he was always texting me in reference to our kids so I asked him to lose my number and to contact his kids by their cell that I would purchase the following day because I knew whether it was her or him it was only drama due to her insecurities. Well he later texted again and I told him once more not to contact my phone because I didn’t want the drama in my life and I was not going to be a part of his cover story. He got pissed and said he would never contact me again or his kids.

God is so good because he saved me from that dead end relationship but this time he said me from wasting my time being cordial because he will continue to be who he is and he would only hurt our kids by disappearing when he can’t get his way. 



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