Followers I Need Your Comments Plz

​Standing here as we prepare to say goodbye. This date was well needed. As he stands before me and I look into those honey brown eyes, all I want is to taste those sweet, sexy lips against mine. As he leans in and my breathing increases and every part of my body flips on I start to move forward. It’s been awhile since I’ve felt this way but I’m ready to move on. He grabs the back of my head as I tilt my head to the sky, preparing for his touch. I stop and open my eyes but he’s no longer moving and his hands comes from behind my head with a leaf from my hair. I see him staring and I try to regain my composure but it’s to late. He smiles and I nervous grin back. He kisses my forehead and turns to leave. As I go inside and close the door, I drop to the floor mortified that my timing was all wrong.


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