Hidden Treasures

I haven’t written much but I still have words that float in my heart and expand in my mind. Life has been thrown me curve balls and I kept trying to figure out if I should duck or swing. I had to grab my bat because I know God is a miracle working and He is working this out for me.

So, I’m currently still on leave from work due to injury and I have just been working on being an even better me. One thing that I would like to discuss today is the issues we are facing today and although it’s not the first time we have faced this type of issue, it’s now time it ends.

I always say you find out how your friends really feel when political matters are the key topic and with social media being so popular you can really see what your friends really think.

During the election of Obama, I was shocked to learn that a best friend of 4 years was a racist when she started posting racial meme and posts about having Obama in the White House and it floored me because she had been a part of my life and knew my family well. So it was a surprise to me to know she actually felt the way she did about black Americans and felt we didn’t need the same equal rights as others in this country. It bothered me because the same country she was claiming as her home was all I knew as my own. I didn’t know nothing outside of it and I was flabbergasted to know she felt that way.

Well today we have the issue of “Black Lives Matter” and my friend since 2011 has been amazing member of my life. We have shared special bonding moments that only friends share in, from the birth of our children, to work, holidays and etc. Well I was reading a post in which she said “All Lives Matter”, I knew she didn’t mean it in a negative way but I also knew from my stand point she had no clue as to why that phrase had become a part of my life and so many other friends and blacks around the world. So I decided to share my thoughts about this.

You see in so many eyes “Black Lives Matters” to them is saying, “Only Black Lives Matter,” but this is not the case and we never said that, the media did. As an African-American woman raising four male children the slogan is awareness to the tragedies happening today around the world. People are not upset about the slogan,”Blues Lives Matter” but isn’t it saying something different than,”All Lives Matter?”

Here’s the issue for me when you know your history and your eyes are open you notice the high brutality rate of black males and females being brutalized by the police force. It’s nothing new and it’s something that America and other countries have done over time to our race. It is shameful and disgusting to know that one race has so much power that the world seems to be intimidated by it. I hear people saying all day well if they would only do as they are told, stop resisting, don’t cause a crime or etc then they would be fine but we know not all these people have been criminals. Examples are Sandra Bland and Tamar Rice but neither is here to tell their story. I am all for all lives matter but when you hear so many shootings, resulting in dead at the hands of those who are suppose to be protecting and serving our citizens you start to notice a trend. A trend no one asked for and then the media goes into a frenzy like sharks looking for dirt to corrupt the victim’s image but nothing about the one who committed the crime.

You hear peoples views and see the racist comments under memes people have made and you start to understand the path God put you on. I remember when I was confused about the message God was giving me but now it is so clear. Although I’m American by birth, by blood I am not it’s citizen. At any moment those who own the government can declare war against me for the sake of color and this world will be ask for blood shed because the media and social networking will fuel a fire with lies and propaganda and we all will be at each others throat with no real evidence of wrongful actions except those things spoken of by others.

So as I write this post I don’t want to take away from the death of officers or anyone else for that matter but I am by birth an American who deserves the same justice and equality as the next man. However, because my color is one you have been chosen to hate you will forever look at me as if I am something beneath you when in truth I empower you. It’s another fact that if the census was correct you would see our percentage is higher than what they quote.

I’m not saying all lives don’t matter but you can not use that slogan when blacks are being sacrificed and sent to slaughter. We are not equal and even that alone should give insight into the matters of racism here in America and across the globe.

Black lives matter is not excluding anyone but it’s simply asking for change and demanding we stand as a unit. No one can tell me about the fear many families hold in their hearts that their loved ones may not make it home after a simple traffic stop or their child not making it home after playing in the park with a toy gun. It’s a life fear when you realize how dangerous it is for your loved one in this world and the thought that it’s only because of their skin tone.

I hear people saying well what about black on black crime, they killing each other but no race is excluded from crime against their own. However, you’ve already formed your thoughts about blacks before you ever talk to one. It’s sad to know how many years have past and racism is still a factor. So if you want all lives to matter, black lives must be included. We are God’s hidden treasures

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