My Sons Matter

As a black woman and mother I am furious. Furious because the very thing that is happening right now was the very image God gave me months ago when he set me on my mission to speak about my life. I failed him!

Today, as a mother I shouldn’t be worried that the very people who are suppose to protect and serve our communities, may be the very people who kill my son. To shout “black lives matter” shouldn’t even be an issue.

So before someone states “all lives matter”, “blue lives matter, or even black on black crime is high let me break this down. True “all lives matter but until my sons is no longer a threat to people because of his black skin, you can’t tell me all lives matter because they would be included in that. Yes, blue lives matter but until my son is a part of that you can’t say that. Black on black crime does happen but so does white on white, Mexican on Mexican and so forth. They are human beings just like you. 

I shouldn’t have to give them a step by step playbook to survive when they see lights behind them. They are our kids, fathers, friends, uncles, cousins and etc. They matter! This is not new but it’s destroying my people. True not all cops are bad but if you stand on the sidelines watching and not saying nothing, you’re just as wrong. We all know this is history repeating itself, the history they don’t speak about in books but it can be researched. 

It’s sad that people die to come to America thinking we are free but we’re not. I hate the thought that one of my kids may not come home because of a world’s hatred for them as men of color. This is ridiculous and heartbreaking. I’ve never taught my children to hate but God this makes me question if my parenting has been wrong but them my friends show up and love my kids and I know this can’t be the case but it bothers me when my kids are with their friends and they see such injustice. When their friends worry if they are putting him in danger just from them wanting to be with him. I know everyone in this world is not evil but those who are keeps this world corrupt. Prayers to all, I needed to vent.


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