Desires Unspoken

As I commit my life to Christ desiring his love, I find myself isolated from the world. Although many are around me I am lonely.

I know God is my Father and everything I need can be found in him. I became celibate to promote my relationship with him and to seek a Godly relationship. Yes, I still desire God’s love and to love him with the same enthusiasm that he has for me but the world has cast me on this island alone.

I feel somehow forgotten but my faith doesn’t allow me to believe. I often ask why does my heart love but never receive in return. Sound selfish? I know!

I feel as though my companion should be looking for me, as I him. As I claim my title of abstinence, God removes so many options. It seems it’s the on thing guys want most and I refuse to allow myself to break. So for now, I’ll just wait but I would one day love a godly companion.

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