Modern Perception

So you say there’s something wrong with me because my hair goes against gravity. It does a lot of things that others can’t do.
You say my skin is too dark and I should be a few shades lighter but that’s your perception of me!

You say I can’t be a role model or in front of a camera because I’m not built like those models on TV. Hmmm, once again your perception of me.

Well let’s take my perception into account. I love my kinky hair, it tells my heritage whether I rock a fro or cornrows. It tells my struggle when you see it with your eyes. The times before me and were I am now.

My beautiful dark complexion is my trophy. It says she’s loved by the kisses of the son. My melanin is deep and my roots firmly in the ground. I’m proud of who I am and those who stood before me. I love my brothers and sisters across the globe who share my perception.

God blessed me with a beautiful, dark complexion and hair that stands out. I was made to fit your perception because only mines and God’s perception matters.


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