Totally Me

I’m totally me flaws and all but I truly love God. Today was busy for me as I tried to get every thing in order.
My landlord sold our home a few months ago and the new landlord agreed to do the repairs that the last one left behind. He spent all his time focused on the one next door, so I assumed he would allow us to stay there until he finished ours since he said we didn’t have to move and would be doing the renovations, so I unpacked some things and we stayed. He seemed super genuine.

Well that wasn’t the case, because he has finished the house next door and told my mother it’s for his niece. Today, he came and spoke with me and said he’s going to tear down our rental because it would cost too much to repair. We need a new roof, electrical, plumbing upgrade, and due to recent rains our floors need to be done. Well he said we needed to move. Surprise! He’s building a duplex in it’s place.

Well thankfully I am a child of God’s and this is only a test and I trust God to lead the way to my permanent home. I claim no more landlords.

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