My City Cries

I grew up in this place by birth but what happened to the laughter?
A community is what we’re called because of our size but what happened to the community that once cared for it’s people?
A town once filled with lights as the families made their way to the Festival. A place that stuck together when outsiders went against us. Children filled the streets with laughter, water balloon fights as they walked up and down the streets. Police officers knew your name, not because of trouble but because they took the time to know us. A village that raised every child and you knew you’d hear them all if you got in trouble. Where doors stayed unlocked and windows opened to feel the nights breeze because we knew we were safe. When stores had tabs because they knew the families and we all stuck together. Where fights started but finished on good notes. Where game rooms and centers where the favorite meeting place after school. Teachers cared and actually provided education.
Now my waters bad but I pay twice it’s worth. My streets are not safe, my doors stay locked and I check outside every time I hear a noise to make sure no ones there. Now parents fighting others to cover up their child faults. Villages broken and kids in the middle. My roads look like man made ponds and no one cares. Police harassment and crimes unsolved and I no longer feel protected. Education seems to be nonexistent because most teachers are new, not from here so they don’t really care and those that do are burned out. Kids no longer have things to do and you know the saying, “an idle mind is the devil’s play ground.”
God, what am I to do? You’ve given me a million ideas from groups to centers. I’ve even thought of clubs for not just kids but adults too, yet no one seems to be about change, most just want to play blame. I’ll point the finger but I won’t get involved because I don’t like so and so or her/his past is now the image but we’ve all got history.
God, my city needs your help and I’m just a willing follower willing to put in work. If you’ll guide me, I’ll take the steps necessary even if I’m alone but my city was once great, where did we go wrong?

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