Temporarily in Service

o TemporarilyClosed

Hello world,

I have been out of commission for a moment and it has caused a major setback in my life leaving me lost. God has still been the main focus in my life. Work is going and I have been granted a promotion and my second day in my new position I got injured. That was the devil trying to steal my moment.

However, during this time I have grown to understand a lot of things and what really matters to me and some changes have taken place in my life. My nephew was finally home and for a moment my family was happy but due to an over zealous police officer he is back in incarceration but only temporarily until this investigation is done. He was home adjusting to life again and had found him a job and has a baby on the way. Well my city has strong people and a few threw a even for the community in the black neighborhood and every one came out to support.  All races came out in support and everyone was having a great time. The police on the other hand was already prepared to go to war with the people. Our acting chief had called several cops from other precincts in, he had four swat tanks called in and two wagons here, all this for nothing. he interrupted the event and found  no drugs, guns, nor violence so he said he was trying to serve an arrest warrant. They used armed force to arrest my nephew and the officer was mad because he got him on a misdemeanor after all the devastation they caused at this event. my nephew was released but because he was arrested his parole officer asked that he be locked up so she could do her investigation to see if just cause for his arrest was warranted. My son with no criminal history or any involvement with police was held in a choke hold while another police waved a gun around. Then to top it off one of the police officers shot his self trying to get his gun from the holster. They ruined a great event that was trying to get the community to come together.

The same officer later followed my son to a store and wrote him a ticket for his music and removal of safety belt. My son has factory music and was he not suppose to remove his seatbelt to get out at the store. The chief is now under investigation…..

Life is moving on and God is making a way.


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