Distant Love

As she laid in bed, she started thinking about her life. It wasn’t that long ago when men threw themselves in her direction but now since she had taken a vow of celibacy no one was taken notice of her. She laid her head against satin sheets and wondered if she’d ever be loved or would she be facing life alone. She stared through the window at the star filled sky and drifted off to sleep.

When she awoke from the sound of her alarm, she rolled over and noticed the computer screen glowing. She looked at the alert and realized it was from another dating website she was a member of and shut her laptop. She got out of bed and walked into the bathroom but stopped in front of the mirror. Keria was an ugly woman, she was just the opposite. Beautiful brown skin and a womanly figure curved in all the right places so why wasn’t the right man coming to find her. She smile at her reflection and got in the shower. She dressed for work and walked out the door. As she made her way to the elevator, she bumped into Mike and they said pleasantries and went separate ways. Mike was a hardworking lawyer, who had no kids and he was very attractive but he was married and Keria knew he was off limits. They were friends and sometimes him and his wife would stop by for game night or drinks.

Keria made it to her office and grabbed her messages and sat down at her desk. She was a very successful writer and owned her own clothing company. She had everything a man could want yet she hadn’t been on a date in awhile. As she prepared to have her meeting she grabbed her Bible because it was her first and most important guide for living life. Three years ago she gave her life to Christ and that’s when things started changing. She started living as the Father had instructed her too and she did it all willingly because she knew God loved her. She read a few scriptures and had a moment with God before conducting her weekly meeting.

As she walked into the board room and saw everyone wanting, she began her weekly messages and told the group about the upcoming show in Nigeria and that 5 employees including herself would be attending the fashion show. They went over sketches for the designs they would be showing and the business ventures she wanted to look into while there. “Hello, can someone tell me where Mrs. Keria James office is, please? ” a voice with a African accent said.

As she turned she saw a gorgeous piece of art that seemed to glow and all she could do was smile. “Who would like to know?” she said back

Well, I’m Samuel, from Nigeria and I am the Ambassador of Lagos Fashion. I’m here because you have some designs for me to look over for my brand. My secretary was suppose to come but I had other business here so I am here instead.”

This man was gorgeous, 5’9, caramel complexion and a smile only God could make but she knew this was business, so she politely excused herself from the meeting and walked to her office with him following her stride. As they made it into her office and sat down to talk business, he noticed the Bible laying on her desk. She called her secretary in the room and asked her to bring in the portfolio they had created for him.

“Would you like something to drink?” she asked just wanting to hear his accent again.

Water would be fine, he said. She called for her intern to grab a couple of drinks and she begin to ask a few questions while her secretary found the portfolio. “So where are you from?”

Lagos, Nigeria, but I was born an American right here in the Big Apple. My parents are still here along with my siblings.

“Ok, I am originally from Texas but moved here four years ago to pursue my designing career. she said as her secretary entered the room.



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