Shamed of My Country

My son age 6, broke his wrist Sunday while skating. He was seen, x-rays done but no doctor came until his arm was already in a cast. They gave him meds and we left with follow up appointments. I called Tuesday because Monday was a holiday,
to confirm his appointment with ortho and a nurse said,” ma’am I need to get him an appointment after the Dr. reads his x-rays and I’ll call you back.” This was at 8:05pm Tuesday morning. So at 1pm I’m wondering why I haven’t heard from them so I called back.
Same nurse but different tone after I state the names. She said in a ugly tone,” well the Dr is prepping for surgery but I wanted to say, he can’t see our Dr because he don’t see medicaid recipients.”
I then ask her why she didn’t call me back to inform me of this sooner and she said well he doesn’t see medicaid patients. I said I understand that, although that’s a miscommunication on your end but still as a parent with a child with a broken bone I would have liked to know that information sooner to give you correct information or to find him a different Dr. She said you could always use a public clinic and I said no he has insurance and he will not go to a public clinic. She now understands me and her tone gets cheerful and she said I can get you in just let me speak to Dr. I informed her her service nor her doctor was needed. I went on to find him a private specialist who deals only in Ortho and sports injuries who was more than willing to see my son asap.
It sickens me that still today ignorance exists. It should not matter if a child has medicaid or health insurance they should get the same care. Kids have no say in their medical coverage and whether rich or poor they should not be discriminated against. Although all of my kids have insurance my son should not have to suffer in pain because of their ignorance.
My health is one thing but my kids is something more. It’s sad how this world continues to separate us by race, color, and class. Her lack of questions led her to believe he had no insurance and her ignorance brought what God has been telling me to light. I’m glad he’s finally being seen but I pray for the families who truly do have to rely on medicaid for their kids insurance. God is truly opening my eyes to the truth that this world is still truly racist on many surfaces.


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