Happy Mother’s Day


Happy Mother’s Day to all mothers and fulltime dads. My day was wonderfully blessed! I was able to get gifts for my mom after my over time was canceled at work. She seemed happy.
I got my sister,niece and sister in law cards. My oldest got me some flowers, a card, balloon and gave me some money. My nephew got me a card and I got several shout outs. Came to work and my new supervisor brought barbeque and things for us and I’m not his staff yet.
So overall it was a perfect day. My middle two got me for money to buy their grannies stuff and half of their allowance. So I guess we did good.
I hope everyone had a blessed day. I am still without a computer and trying to do this via phone is nerve wracking but I have to start back blogging. It’s my mission and stress reliever.


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