Speak to Me


Somewhere along the way I got distracted but I still prayed often.

Somewhere I lost my train of thought and became absorbed in the things around me. I thought it was life passing me by but then your voice was no longer heard and I wondered why. I’ve been so caught up in work and trying to get things in order that I was no longer listening to all you was telling me. I knew what you wanted me to do but I was focused enough to get it done.

Yes, I know the mission before me but due to procrastination I was allowing time to slowly fade and I was not using it wisely. I’m all in this relationship but my attention was quickly turned away from the word and Father I am sorry. My intentions is to never disappoint you but you know your child fails sometime. I know you’re near me every day but often I forget to stop and listen to the words you have to say. That is my fault, because as a daughter after my father’s heart I should always be listening.

Father God, I am sorry for the things I have done and those I have ignored that you sent my way. I know my trials are paving away for tomorrow and I should embrace today and I am sorry for my disobedience to your words. You have always told me you would never leave or forsake me but sometimes I go astray and although this time is was my lack of hearing I am still learning.

God may the heart you placed in me always beat to the spirit of your words. May the words I speak be words of encouragement and may my actions speak for me. I just want to hear you because nothing else matters more than the words you have to say because you love me more than I love myself and created me in your image. I want to be a blessing to others and I can only do that through you. I want my actions to show a woman after God’s heart and one walking by faith.

Father I love you

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