Black Unity


Black Unity!

Trinidad&Tobago = 1,047,366

Cuba = 1,126,894

United Kingdom = 2,015,400

Venezuela = 2,641,481 to 6,999,926

Jamaica = 2,731,419

France = 5,000,000

Dominican Republic = 7,985,991

Haiti = 8,701,439

Colombia = 9,452,872

United States = 38,499,304

Brazil = 85,783,143

This is 11 countries with the highest black population outside of Africa and it does not include places like Nigeria, Ethiopia or Congo. The sad part is we’re so divided that we’ve grown to hate one another. We do it by skin tone as well, thinking the lighter we are the better we are, bringing shame upon our darker brothers and sisters.

I sit and look out over this world and I realize God made us who we are and we have to look past our different shades and realize we are on the same team. We face the same struggles but our darkness has different names. It’s funny when you travel to a new area and they have a new nickname and usually our own kind be the first to turn our noses up at each other.

I see people traveling all the time to these places where the life of others appear better but when they get there they see they face the same issues. I did some research about moving to Nigeria since it’s one of the places I would love to stay in and people didn’t understand why. I started thinking about it and realized most of us see the scary images on television and naturally assume it’s the truth for those places but then I hear about how many people come to America looking for a better life, but we’re over here struggling too. This is my truth:

Some may wonder why Nigeria has my heart, well I hope I’m able to enlighten you about my reason for this venture. I’ve heard a million reasons why I shouldn’t visit or relocate and here’s a few:

  1. Terrorism
  2. Lack of running electricity and water
  3. Poor food quality
  4. Government
  5. Lack of jobs

I’ll go into those more in detail but that’s a few issues brought to my attention. I’m a woman of color with African descent but ignorant to my own culture. All I know is what I have read in school textbooks and things I have seen on television and we all know how reliable those two things can be. These two things have limited my knowledge of truth and filled my head with poor images that tug at heart strings for money and those filmed may never see any of it

Some see America and it’s people and assume our lives are better. I assure you it’s not! My color still denies me rights today, despite what may be said. Sure, we have running water but even that comes at a cost. For example: Flint Michigan, a predominantly black city, was being poisoned for years by contaminated water that flowed into homes, schools, hospitals and etc. This was not an isolated event, the government was well aware of the crisis but ignored it. Young and old was exposed to this tainted water and no one wanted to shed light on the matter. Now thousands have mercury in their bodies and seeping through their skins. Illness and doctor bills mounting and the government pointing the blame at everyone except themselves. Kids were forced to attend school where a hot spring laid under their playground, grass and mold growing along the walls of classrooms. Food was unsafe to eat because it was being prepared in this infested water. This wasn’t the only exposures these kids and teachers had to endure because the condition of the school exposed them to the cold and rain. No one seemed to care because the damage was mainly affecting minorities and low class citizens. It seemed the message was their lives didn’t matter to the government and upper class citizens. Several cities in different states here in America face water issues, not as damaging as Flint but the target social class is the same.

You say America has better jobs but Africa can offer the same opportunities. Sure jobs are abundant to some here in the U.S but if our people came together we could do the same in Africa and make it a booming area for our people. We have people of color who hold certain degrees and business ideas that could grow Africa in the right direction and watch it become a powerhouse. Here in the U.S minorities still get paid less and women even lesser. Black owned businesses here, in most cases, don’t last due to the lack of support but one could thrive in a place where we are the majority, while providing jobs.




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