Everything but the Child of God


Well good morning all,

What a blessing to be God’s child and to know He has blessed us with another day! Sorry my blogs are literally all over the place but I truly write what is on my mind at the time but I am working on my writings and things. Some of my posts are just daily things I go through and share with you all. Some things take a little more time and research but dealing with work and life sometimes prevent me from blogging like I want to.

I had to work last night and it was a peaceful night for the most part. I managed to stay up and had some interested conversations with my night coworker. It was definitely more productive than with my evening shift people. We discussed God and how he was working in our lives, shared a few things we had learned and discussed some changes needed to be made at work to get our unit up to par. It was much more of an adult conversation about real things and it was a blessing to share God’s truth with someone else.

Well, the morning light brought forth new challenges but nothing I didn’t feel adequate to deal with. The kids are not used to seeing me in the morning so I was called everything but the child of God. It started with wake up call at 6:30 and making sure every one is up and getting things done before 7:00 to prepare for school. I was a bitch, stupid ass, dumb ass and etc because I was following their schedule and they were even more upset to know the staff there was working together to get the job done.

I was told I didn’t care about them and was violating their rights and dignity by asking them to follow policy and procedures but they were unaware that the night boss was close by to hear me and them. It was very refreshing to hear him say that he was appreciative for my services because it was how things should be done like on the other units. So one kid threatened to call me in and have me removed from the unit and one was mad because he thought I should have been off because he needed a break from me.

I know I sound horrible but I truly want to give these kids a fighting chance at a better life. I truly want at least one to walk away knowing life can be better and being locked up whether in a cell or open facility is not beneficial to life. I want them to know they have options and that every decision we make have consequences but we decide to make the right or wrong decisions and from there the consequences come. It’s easier to blame others for our mistakes but we have to one day accept our role in our choices.

They get upset and cuss me and other staff out when we ask them to follow rules but they lose certain rights when they end up in places like this. I am not a friend but I am someone here to help them see their ways and to off them a different route. Some take the opportunity and make changes in their, others don’t. So this morning mouths were busy with cussing me because I was there and enforcing rules. I know prayer works because God put me here for a reason and I pray for his guidance to continue to do his work. Some days are better than others. This is another hurdle from life but one I have managed to jump before but with a different set of kids.

I pray that those who work in these places talk to God often because he gives us strength to hold on. I know sometimes I want to walk away but people have walked away from these kids their whole lives. I choose not to be one! Someone has to show them something different in order for them to seek change. I have to tell myself every day that these kids have been taking away from their homes and families for behavioral issues. They have the opportunity to hurt me but I serve an awesome God who knows my heart and my purpose, so I know he protects me while there. What others see as a check, I see as another chance.


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