Venting Helps! ARGGH


Omg! I am beyond frustrated but I know I must pray through this. Work has been stressful and it’s time for me to really get things in order and move units.

Last night really took a toll on me. I worked with someone who is related to me but due to age this was a problem. First he allowed the kids to basically run their own routine and that burned me inside because that’s not the program they need. I understand he is young but these kids are not his friends. I also understand this job requires us to interact with the kids but not for selfish gratification.

Well we started the day on bad terms. He is a pay grade higher than me but I have more experience than he does. First, he was allowing the kids to use profanity which is not allowed. So all I heard was cussing from the mouth of teens. That irked me. They would not cuss outside of his presence but when he walked in, it was a free voice to say and speak as you felt. So I found myself retreating to my office because no matter what I said he was going against it and that bothered me. So since he felt like he could effectively run the unit I stepped off.

Well one kid (his favorite) started threatening another kid and I was forced to come out of seclusion and give him rules. No one should feel scared on the unit should fear anyone and if it happened again he would be in trouble and if needed charges would be pressed for him to understand the system and how it works. He proceeded to tell me I was not his superior staff and I informed him that I was staff and that was all that mattered.

Well then one of our kids decided he didn’t want staff attention because he was trying to talk to his girlfriend, which is not allowed unless supervised. So an alarm was sounded that he was out of sight and he should have received a score for that, that went against him but the other staff did not give him a proper score.

Well night-time came and it was bed time and I hear nothing but noise down the hall. I look out and he is down there playing and goofing off with them. Then he has the audacity to try to tell me the rules when he wasn’t abiding by them and that sent me into an uproar and I had to put him in his place.

Well then I floated to another unit for over time and while there one of the security guards call me by name and it shocked me because I don’t associate with them but then I realize he is talking to the girl from training and I figure she has filled his head with her lies but I don’t care to know what or why but I don’t need him in my bubble.

I need to transfer asap because this unit it not for me because with the staff and their age I see problems and I did not sign on to be hurt in any way. I just needed to vent. I tell these people the opposite of my life because I don’t want the staff or the children to know my personal life. Pray for me!

4 thoughts on “Venting Helps! ARGGH

  1. I feel your frustration! Work is such a pain because we have so many superficial relationships and sadly competing objectives! I wish sometimes that were all forced into a room raw and vulnerable; forced to face the stories of our comrades. There is too much superficial BS.

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      1. OH and I thought of one more thing Martha! I attended some excellent customer service training once at a famous deli in Ann Arbor Michigan. They teach their employees not to talk smack about customers even in the back room. BUT they recognized the need to let off steam after an unpleasant encounter. So they had this saying, “Silly Customer!” that was code for “dickhead customer.” I have actually tried this in other situations (like when venting about coworkers). It makes me laugh it off a little.

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