Originality vs Imitation


Well followers my blogs are running a little slow, I am sorry, I have been doing a lot of working and sleep is necessary but things will get better.

Work has been very humorous lately and I guess it’s been going on a while now but I was blind to it because I really don’t pay much mind to certain things. So the young lady I was in training with has become a second me. I didn’t realize it until it was brought to my attention and now it’s like how did you not know.

When we started training we of course had to talk and a lot of things I would say, she would agree with and I thought hey we just have a few things in common but then as time grew on I saw the truth in her lies.

I have already explained the whole concept that I have about not dating guys in a relationship and how important being faithful is to me and she claimed to follow the same motto but that was quickly lost when I saw her reaction to the attention the men were giving her despite their relationship status and her own. So I knew then it did not matter about relationship statuses, she craved the attention of the men and she got it by any means necessary. However, she claimed not to enjoy the attention from the kids but her style of clothing gave way for their teen minds to travel to those forbidden places.

That part I didn’t care about too much so I never paid it any mind because I only want the attention of my own mate and nothing the guys I work with can offer me, so I am truly blind to them and their antics. However, some other things have come into view that makes me wonder about her and her intentions.

For example I often float to other units and I do it for several reasons. I want to know all the kids at our facility because it makes my job easier and two to see how the other units operate and to be of assistance if needed. She does not do it and does not like to be forced to float to other units, which is fine. She especially hate having to travel to an all female unit because men can not work those units period. However, when it comes to an all male environment she needs to be the center of attention and does everything in her power to make sure she has it.

Now, when I went to my boss to ask him for over time, she was not in the room but apparently she was somewhere listening because as soon as the sentence was out, she came in requesting the same and I thought nothing of it at the time because I mean it’s over time and people like money. So I went on about my business and waiting for the schedule to come out. Well she ended up with more over time days than me on our unit but it didn’t bother me because I work the other units and got my hours there. My supervisor finally saw me getting my days from those other units and started increasing my time forcing me to have to cancel days planned for other units. Once given it would be days he didn’t need me on the unit but due to my driving distance I would stay anyways. Well when people would come and ask me to work their shift for varying reasons I would agree if they were off my unit but one night a fellow coworker asked about someone taking his day so he could be off and I agree but my supervisor acted as if he did not hear him say I would cover his shift. She overheard once again and the shift was split. This time I was paying attention and because I was already dissociating myself from her this made it clear that her intentions were foul.

So I started hearing other coworkers saying how she would conduct herself when she saw me talking to others in her presence and how she would treat them afterwards. some said she acted as if I was not supposed to talk to anyone but her but the truth was she wanted the same attention from them whether it be female or male. She needed friends and eyes on her at all times. So she started lying about me and other things to get the attention she needed. Well once again it enters our work environment and that becomes a problem when she involves me.

She complains about our work environment like I do and when asked to put it in writing or to verbal mention her issues she goes into the shadows and then want to verbalize my concerns to others when I am capable of doing it on my own and have but it irritates me when she takes the initiative to discuss my concerns when she claimed the same ones in training. I have no problem with speaking up for myself which everyone at work has seen. Well she started telling people she would take their shift but only four hours because she needed to spend time with her mate and would try to volunteer me for the other half but that does not fly with me because if you’re going to offer to take a shift you should be willing to do the whole shift and if you can’t then do not speak up for it because you can’t do the job.

Another thing is I found her talking to the kids like I do. I treat them like kids but I make sure they know that I mean business and I am not there to be their friend but as a role model helping them overcome obstacles in their lives. She mimics my speech but she is there more as a friend than a role model because she gets caught up in their personal issues like their dating and outside activities and instead of trying to set them straight she feeds into their drama. This poses more problems at work.

Well I can see her trying to fulfill my shoes but she is going about it the wrong way because we were created to be original pieces and right now she is trying to mimic me in the work environment and adding a twist but along the way she is trying to discredit others while trying to make it to the top by standing in the shadows throwing others under the bus. This girl started dieting because I was and then I drink fruit infused water and now she does it.

I don’t mind mentoring or even being a role model but when you start to imitate more of me and less of yourself I start to see problems. I just pray God touches her before it’s too late because the image of her I now see is one of neediness. It starts to make her look a certain way in my eyes. I hope one day she sees that an original is always better than a copy.


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