Request Denied


Today’s world is crazy and my job is another part of the world I live in and the chaos I go through but nevertheless, I am blessed. So I’ve been going through some things at work and I’ve realized not everyone embrace the one who speaks up but love those who don’t.

I also know I work in a facility where men prey on woman and those with low self esteem become prime prey. The title married, engaged, in a relationship or not interested does not carry much weight with these people. The woman get dressed up to impress the male staff and the female do just the same. It’s very few that comes to do the job!

So when I initially started I was with a young female and I could see her self esteem was pretty low but she seemed to be working on being a better person and loving herself. No, this is not about her but she did and still loves the attention men give her and the time they put into her despite the fact that she has a boyfriend. Well personally no one at my job grabs my attention and no one really captures my eye. We have two male workers that are cute but no one I would consider talking to but they cool to talk to. I also associate with two other male staff who is married and they are very faithful to their wives and no I do not indulge in extra curricular activities of any sort.

Those four men, truly get respect from me because their name is not spread around in our facility and the two who’s married always talk about their families and the other two are single but I consider all four friends.

Well there is this one guy who can’t seem to understand that I am not interested in him or his advances. I have told him that I’m not interested in dating someone with a wife. I was not made to be a side chick and I have morals I live by. Besides, God is working on my future husband and God wouldn’t send me someone else husband. God does not bless mess. Apparently he feels like because other women are doing it, I will soon lose focus and consider him as an option. Sorry but I only have one role left in my life and it is for my husband. I can not consciously put myself in that situation and he’s not my type.

I can’t understand why one would get married when they still desire to play the field. Wedding vows should be taking when we are ready to settle down and be with one person. Marriage is a union under God before family and friends. I’m one of those ladies who actually value the tradition and respect the vows of others. I have been cheated on and it’s not something I want another woman to feel because of my actions, so I choose not to be caught in those webs.

I don’t know how to be nice and tell him no but it seems like I will have to be mean and let him know that he is barking up the wrong tree. His requests have been denied, he has no access here today, tomorrow or ever because it’s not the life God has for me.


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