Hear Me!


Hello Everyone,

Today has been a day!

Never the less it was a blessing to see and one I thank God for. We have been getting a lot of rain but it is a reminder of God’s love for us all.

I’ve come to realization that sometimes people don’t want to hear the truth, so does it mean I stop telling what He has placed upon my heart? No, it means I speak up and if I am the only voice speaking then I must stand alone. The truth is most people don’t read unless it’s something some celebrity is endorsing, gossip or some juicy romance novel.

However, those things don’t add value to our lives but give us false hope about our lives. People get so caught up in celebrity news that they forget they are simple people who pursued their dreams and succeeded and we give them our attention and money. They do the least amount of work for minor jobs, while others bust their butt and never get noticed.

Gossip last for a moment but can have lifetime effects on those we talk about. It’s funny how much time we invest in others, rather than ourselves. The amount of energy we use to pay attention to their lives could be time we invest in our own to see our situations advance. Loose lips sink ships and we do it daily.

Romance novels bring forth false hope about love. Love doesn’t happen over night and every relationship requires work but we get caught looking for the love in a romance story.

There’s a book that gives you life, helps you grow and helps during hard times. There’s a man who traveled this world and conquered it and yet He died for all our sins. However, we get so caught up in these shells walking this Earth that we ignore His words and listen to the story of man. God wants our love, attention and He wants us to hear His words.

This world gives you nothing but we give it credit for everything but when things go wrong we cry out to the Lord. People God is real and He loves us but we have to start back giving Him praises and walking through life by Faith. You keep letting these sinful people guide you by the hand like a child and you soak up everything they teach you but God is more powerful than any person walking this Earth. Remember HE created it!

The truth is coming whether we want to hear it or not! God is coming back and I can only pray that we’re ready. Materialism and idealization is greed disguised as need but what you really need is God’s truth. Look around you, our world is being destroyed by greed and selfishness and God did not desire this. He tells us to love one another as He loves but we’re selfish and blind.


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