God’s Not Done Yet

Well this is just a small piece

God is really working in my favor and through me. I’m usually a very strict person when it comes to my job. I entered this place knowing God put me here for a reason and that I would have to do my best and show the Christ in me when dealing with these children, otherwise I would lose my sanity.

Well my kids fuss and cuss about my ways and sometimes wish I wasn’t there. Well God gave them what they asked for and I did some work on another unit. My kids that I am normally with were upset to see me with another set of boys. The kid that is usually loud, rude and disrespectful has really been making progress in his attitude. He now runs to me and ask for a side hug and willingly comes to share his problems and concerns. A few weeks ago this would not have been the case.

While working with the other boys one broke down about his stay with us and I had to sit down to reassure him of his safety but to also give him knowledge that his actions led him to his time away from his family. It hurts me to see them cry but I have to let them know this is real and that the aftermath of their actions could cause them to be in places way  more violent than their current circumstances. After a few minutes of talking to him, he got up and started really bothering me. He was talking noise like the rest of them but I was ok with that because it showed me that he knew I was not there to harm him but I was there to uplift him and to give him a different outlook on life.

Now working with my own set of boys at work has been a tremendous amount of pressure because I lack the support of my fellow coworkers and no one truly holds my boys accountable for their actions. They wake up cussing, being rude, disrespectful and lacking the environment to really give them a fair chance of being better individuals once they are released. It stresses me out to see a child not given a fighting chance but I talk to them and educate them about life and this cruel world. I also make sure they know that what one staff will tolerate, I won’t so they never get the two confused.

Some of my boys make me worry about the environment we send them home too and it frightens me that we are able to give them counseling but what about the homes we release them too. Everything changes when you are away from home with new people but nothing is fixed if the home is broken. I only pray to God that these children are blessed to have staff that care and the care we give is enough to get them through this crazy world.

When parents are broken we can not fix our own kids and allow them to be blind to the way they carry themselves and I feel like sometimes parents are at fault for some of the things our children do. The Bible says spare the rod and spoil the child. If our kids have no discipline at home then how can we expect them to behave in public.

I am thankful for my job and for the purpose God will serve through me while here. I pray for them and their parents but I also pray that God uses me to save those who cross paths with me. Some days are better than others but I am blessed to be where I am.

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