The New Face of Racism


Yesterday, a friend told me that if she didn’t know me and saw my Facebook poss she would have thought I was a racist. I asked her to explain the logic behind that. She said I post a lot of memes about black love and black unity which makes her feel less of a woman because she desires the love of a black man versus a white man. Yes, she is a white woman.

This puzzled me at first because no matter what I post I should not be held accountable for her feelings about herself with my statuses. I asked her if I have ever made her feel that I was against her in any way and she said no. Well it brought me to wonder why she felt like she did but I chose to enlighten her on my view of things.

I have friends of all races and they all come from different backgrounds. I love them all and their children. I was never raised to hate another human being based off the color of their skin and as stated in previous posts I have dated outside of my race. I personally believe racism is taught and it’s something I was never taught.

It took me to another level of teaching since the lady is a few years younger than me. I told her just because I support black love does not mean I am against biracial relationships. I honestly believe people should be with who makes them happy and love has no colors. It bothered me that it was posts she saw on Facebook that brought her to this conclusion because social networking sites should never be models for how we should live our lives. It should be used as a teaching method to embrace the diversity of this world.

The fact that she said it made her feel less than a woman reading some of my quotes told me she holds insecurities for loving the black man. A woman should not allow another woman to be her guide for loving. We should love because God loved us first. I am no image to follow when it comes to how we should live because I have my faults. People nowadays would follow others to the pit of hell based off society’s ideal of how we should live our lives but criticizes others for following God.

Yes, my love for the black man has grown and I proudly express my desires in my posts but it is not the standard for others to follow. I asked her if my love for African and Jamaican mean a way of saying I have no love for my American brothers and she said yes. I was shocked by her truth.

African and Jamaican men were raised a little differently than American men and that goes for the women as well. They were taught to love their women like queens, therefore, laying the foundation for her to treat him like a King. Remember they are laying a foundation for her to reciprocate the love she is being given. It’s not only intended for her but also for their children to mimic. You see a foundation like that reflects on those involved and you see it manifest in generations there after.

I am far from a racist but I love what I like. If it means society won’t accept me, it is a price I am willing to pay. I do not look for acceptance from those around me because I seek God first in my life. So if that was the feeling she got then I only pay for her self-esteem to increase and for her to accept the woman she is. I am entitled to love who I want and in return so is she. I do not condemn the couples who date outside their race because we all have to make our own decisions about what we want and who we want it from. If I have the power to make others feel less than human then they have given me to much power and should take the reins back because I am just another human facing scrutiny by the same group, the only difference is I pay attention to only myself and the ultimate judge which is my Lord.

So because I love my people does that make me the new racist?

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