Gateway to the Hidden World


I was once told you can’t dream of a person you’ve never met but I know that’s untrue. I remember the first time I dreamed of you I was only nineteen and you crept in my dreams. I remember because I asked the Lord to send me the view of the man that would be my husband. You stood before me but your face was hid from me. I wanted to see you so badly but God knew I wasn’t ready.

I grew up and found myself looking for you in the eyes of others because I wanted you now. After several years I prayed for you again and this time your face was revealed and although I never met you, I felt a bond with you. I knew God had made you just for me and that you were my soulmate. I tried to wait for you but you didn’t come in my timing.

Now I have seen you in more ways than one and they were all revealed through God and his promise. Now I know who you are and what you are but I have no way to get to you. I just wish my dreams and reality would collide so I could love you.


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