Missing a Blank


I know it’s crazy to miss you but it’s something I can’t hide. To know someone brought you into my life and gave me not one option. I find myself praying for you but the truth is I don’t even know you but you have my heart. I thought of you yesterday because your birthday is coming. It brought sadness to my heart because I can’t pick up the phone to call you, I can’t video chat with you and I can’t even send the simplest card to say you crossed my mind.

Still not sure why you were brought into my life or the message I should learn but I pray to God and know He’ll soon show me. It’s hard trying to remove you from my heart but it hurts to keep you there. I think about your smile and those loving brown eyes and I want to cry, but then I think this is not my fault. The person who introduced you to my life must know how this has made me feel. To love someone so much and then to find out it’s not real.

So I continue to pray and wait on God to bring forth my blessings but I pray for you as well because you must have known the road you were taken when you decided to lie. I ask that He gives you guidance and deliver you from the scars on your heart. Only someone damaged could be so corrupt with others heart. I ask him to give you security in who you are so you never have to hide behind someone else. These are the things I pray to you.

To: Banky,

I am praying God continues to bless you and touch in His way. I ask that He continues to guide you and may your smile continues to be a blessing to all. May love truly find you and that you have your eyes open to those who truly care. I pray for those who impersonate you and may the Lord bless you despite their actions. Love you but Christ loves you more. Happy early Birthday

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