Good Friday Blessings

Well hello, it has been a crazy week but one I am blessed to enjoy and see. Work has been crazy as well but I am blessed to have a job and freedom to be me. I took one day off and a few of my boys decided they needed a moment away from the place and ran but luckily not far. I talked to them once I got back and expressed my disappointment in their actions and was shocked at their response. They just needed a moment alone!

I know that feeling all to well when I just want to be alone with God and no one else. I also looked at my biological kids and how they need a moment from me. I often tell my boss that I am working with kids and sometimes even kids need a moment away. It hurt to know they had to get in trouble just to catch a break. I wish they were able to do more but one child can ruin a million things for the others in this place because they have to function as a group. I wish it was like my other job where I had the ability to take them to appropriate events for kids. They really need to know that it’s okay to be children and they don’t have to be adults just yet. However, that’s where my limitation is placed because if they all can’t go then no one can and it stops the ones that do good from being ale to be rewarded for their behavior.

This is only my limits because my boss has the ability to bring candy and other goodies but never schedule activities to work off that sugar high they have just provided which runs my blood pressure up. If you have kids you know sugar is never good with no exercise. They run around all day and night until they run out of fuel or they do nothing and gain weight. So it’s only harming them more and still no structure. So yea I have to pray on this.

I also so know that at this time I’m expendable so at any moment they can get rid of me with no questions, so I am limited on how much I can truly speak out about the issues I see within this facility at this time. So I am learning to control myself when I see issues. I have decided to keep my comments to myself until I am out of probation. Just pray for me and the kids I work with because this my journey.

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