I respect marriages, people in relationships and engagements. 12277-o

I was told by a female coworker that she does not date single men because she don’t have time for a relationship right now. This caught me off guard because as a woman I know most of us look for one man to share our life with and her she was saying the complete opposite.

This also stood out to me because I was once that woman in a relationship and someone else was there. I am not sure the understanding these women have in their heads to allow such things to process as right in their minds. She basically said she is ok with being the other woman. I wanted to scream and shake her but I knew it wouldn’t be right. She was a mother and a woman but her logical part was gone in my sight.

As a woman I am not ok with being a side chick for numerous reasons. I want to come home to one man and to share my life with just him. We pray to God for husbands that would be all he has deemed them to be and to guard their families. Yet we have women out here ready and willing to open themselves to them simply because they are committed to someone else.

Accepting another woman’s husband, fiance or boyfriend into your life is a clear sign that you do not feel worthy of being loved, honored and respected by one man. You feel the need to accept the second place in a man’s life. Yes, he may buy you things and help with a few bills but it is similar to prostitution and makes you no better than those women.

Ladies we have to have enough respect for ourselves to know that God has made us royal beings. We should accept nothing less than true love. There is a man who God has made just for you and he will love, protect, provide and guide you to the Father. You do not have to accept being in the company of someone else man.

I know some are saying but they come to me. True! Strays go to those that feed them but it doesn’t always mean the food thrown to them is for their good. Men you have to start to appreciate what you have at home and if it is not what interest you anymore than leave and allow her to find someone who will love her.

The Bible says, ” He who finds a wife, finds a good thing!” but today it seems those words from God have no value and we accept things we truly don’t want just to say we have someone or to hurt the feelings of the wife and children involved.

I have been cheated on and it’s sad the games people play these days with the hearts of others. It doesn’t just hurt the spouse but the entire family is affected by your actions. Ladies we have to value ourselves or no one else will. I pray for you all and the men involved because this is the reason marriages are losing their values.

I respect marriages because I know they are unions under God blessed by His hands. The meeting of two people to become one. Marriages and relationships have their problems but as men and women we have to learn to fight to keep our unions together. Relationships are different from marriages but they both should be respected by the two involved and outsiders.

Marriage is a union and a contract to love one another through good and bad times, forsaken all others. Your vows should be something serious and nothing should be able to break that bond but death. You promise to love, honor and cherish each other until death. Now I see so many forgetting those very words.

Relationships are two people working toward marriage and getting to know each other. It’s the process before the ring and it should have just as much meaning.

Me personal I’m not attracted to anyone spoken for whether you claim that person or not. It was shocking because one of my coworkers is dating this young lady and when I first took the job and started he tried to flirt with me and then he tried to go further. I saw his ring and he stated he was married and I decided to enlighten him about who I was. I let him know upfront that to me he was off-limits because of his ring and family but that we could be cool coworkers. Well when he would get around the other lady he would be really quiet. So naturally I put two and two together. Well one day him and her was outside chatting when I walked up and another married guy was making a comment and I just looked at him like he was crazy. Well the lady started making comments that the guy liked what he saw and how he was looking at my thighs. I was responded well his wife needs his looks not me. So the guy she was with made the comment as I left and she was gone, so I guess you about to creep with him but can’t give me the number. I was disgusted with the idea that he was upset that he was not getting my attention nor the other guy. How could he put this much time in trying to recruit side chicks when he had a wife and children at home that needed all of his attention and time?

It confused me more that you was just talking to your “girlfriend” and now you made at another person for not responding to your chatter. It is a direct slap in the face to assume because that I would lower my standards to fit their criteria based off the actions of another. Sorry but I want a blessed union by God with someone who wants the same.

Ladies once again respect yourself and don’t accept being second best. I love you but God loves you more.


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