Banky W Experience


Hello, fellow followers this blog is a little different from what I normally write about but it still falls in the guideline of my life experiences.

So as everyone knew I’m celibate, writing my book, working and raising my children so I don’t have time to do the normal dating “thing”. So I started online dating and met a guy who seemed genuine. We were playing page tag for a while before we were online together at the same time. I looked at his page and read all his information before messaging him and striking up a conversation with him. After his response I went ahead and looked at his pictures. He was not only intelligent from conversation but he was very easy on the eyes. While looking through his pictures I saw a few I really loved. It was one with him kissing a dolphin and I saw a man willing to take a risk and someone who didn’t mind exploring what life has to offer. There was another picture of a little girl and he told me she was from an orphanage he visited and I saw a man willing to give back and help others. I saw one with his nephew and the caption read he loves spending time away from work to be with him and I saw a man who loved his family and kids.

Well we started chatting more and he asked me to add him on Facebook because he’s on there more so I did. I didn’t have any reason to not believe him and once I added him we started chatting on a daily basis. We would talk about everything, his life and family. I would wake up to romantic messages from him and would go to bed the same way. He would text me throughout the day to see how I was and everything seemed to be going well. We discussed meeting and he told me he was from New York and was currently out-of-town on business, so we discussed meeting for the Summer and I would fly out to New York or he would come to Texas. We talked about life and everything that he was into and he told me he did music and was big on family. He said his line of business took him out of town often but he was looking for a relationship and wanted someone to love him for him and not his lifestyle. I understood that and knew where he was coming from. We decided to exchange numbers and got to talking by phone. One day he called me and was talking a little differently than usual and I started to question his truth, so I went back to his page and got to investigating things.

I saw a few pictures with a few photographer tags, so I went to those pages and saw more photos of the guy I was talking to but no name. I then was sent to a link and there the name was Derrick was not who he said he was. Olubankole Wellington (Banky W) was the man in the pictures. So I started looking to see who Banky W was and how they were connected. So while looking up this information I came across another young lady on Derrick’s page and we talked. She informed me that Derrick had scammed her. She thought they were in love and he told her he would invest in her company. He sent her a $8000 check in the mail. She deposited the check and sent Derrick $500 because it was all she could get at the time because the bank put a hold on the check. Later the check bounced and she had fees for a bounced check and legal fees.

Well I confronted him on the information I found and the story of the young ladies. He said he wanted to find real love because so many chased after his money and fame. He said he invested in the young lady’s business and asked her to send the first check back to see if she was legit and to keep the second check but she kept both and never sent him any money back. So things started to unravel for him. I did a google search and found the real Banky W and saw his pages. He was a Nigerian R&B singer and the founder of EME Records, he was born in New York and went to college there before returning back to his family’s native country. The rest of his family remained in the States. I found a Facebook page that had his twitter and Instagram page, so I decided to share with him that someone was using his information here in the States to scam women, also on a dating website. I did this in true intentions to alert him to this.

Well while I alerted him to what was happening I started getting a lot of messages of Banky Ws and the label’s page. Things started spiraling out of control. My heart was already falling for Derrick and now all this was taking place. I can say he never once asked me for money and all we talked about was planning to see each other. We were talking daily until all this information came about. So now I was getting all kinds of messages.

I started praying about everything and I know everything in life happens for a reason but wasn’t quite sure why this guy was forced into my life. While all this is going on Derrick is still messaging me and sticking by his story. I have in boxed the real Banky but got no response. I then read one of his blogs that said he would appreciate if people would alert him to his name in things or situations untrue to give him the opportunity to address them. However, here he was ignoring a someone doing just that. At this time I’m invested in Banky because of Derrick and my heart is floating.

I finally put myself out there and tell the real Banky W how I felt and left it there. The young lady that was scammed by the fake was helped by me and although I did not want nothing in return I understood how a single mother hustles for her children and made a new friend.

I say all this because as a woman we sometimes find ourselves the target for many weirdos. Although Derrick has never disrespected me in any way that would be devastating, he did play with my heart. He failed to be honest with me and allow me to love him for his self versus loving him for the man he portrayed. It wasn’t the Nigerian music maker I fell for but the one behind the messages and he failed to understand that and was even more afraid to release his identity. The one behind the phony FaceBook page and Label page finally revealed themselves and apologized for the nonsense.

Ladies please be careful because not everyone is sincere in their feelings. Banky W finally made a post about fake pages using his name and images and I can only hope that works. I’m not sure why they forced him into my life but I am thankful it ends here. God has always been the Man in my life but it has been a trial when it comes to true love. So while I wait on the Lord to send the man he has for me I continue to keep myself pure. I later saw posts from Banky W and heard some of his music. I think he makes great music and he’s a very fun-loving guy but some things I question in some of his videos. I wish him many more blessings and sorry for disturbing you with my messages but it was matters of the heart. Hey you have a listener now in the US.

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