I can’t believe I caved in and slipped into a moment of slumber. I allowed life to get the best of me. Sorry to all my followers for my delay but I am back and in the swing of life once more. My job was destroying me because of the lack of freedom I had to live my life because of sheltering people around me. I was so suffocated there and had to release myself of that place and their demanding rules on how to live my life. I didn’t realize how much time had slipped past me and the lack of time I was putting into My Father and Hid teaching.

I am pleased to say that after leaving that place I am back to me. I am back to the bright, cheerful person I was. I have a new job and many blessings before me but a lot has transpired over time. I am now getting my book underway and I have a second one in the making. My oldest son is still working and he just got his first car note. (Yay) Now we will not discuss insurance cost. (lol) I am loving my new job because I am back to helping young people get a better view of life and the choices they have to better themselves. It’s not easy but it’s totally worth it and a challenge I am willing to accept. I will be writing daily and please keep me in prayers because I am truly in love with My Lord and getting back to where I was and climbing to better is always my top priority.

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