So Glad He Loves Me!


Well hello my friends and fellow bloggers, it’s been awhile and I must admit it’s been some crazy days. I would like to start off giving praises to Our Savior for all he does for us. Without him we are nothing but with him we are everything. It’s been 12 long days since my last post and I feel like I have abandoned the journey he has put me on but I also know he knows why I haven’t been posting. I hope everyone is having a blessed Sunday evening and enjoying this day. Well let me tell you about everything that has been going on.

I was doing good exercising every morning and eating right well 8/12 my body started swelling as I walked and so did my hands and feet. I went to the doctor for the awhile back but they couldn’t explain it being that I don’t have high blood pressure or sugar but something is up. This puts pressure on my joints so I was still trying to push myself to continue. It is only the devil trying to prevent me from living a healthy life for myself and kids.

So 8/14 I started training for my new job. Thank the Lord for favor! Although it is not in the ideal setting for me it is a job and the pay is good. It’s easy money to me because I sit behind a desk all day but that’s good considering the surgery I just had. Besides I still get to work with people just in a different way and things. I realized during training that I was in training with another person from my home town. Here’s this part she told people she was a pastor and within a few minutes of meeting these people she was telling them she was cheating on her husband, trying to file a divorce, and was discussing the sexual favors she shares. She then decided to share some of my information with the group and it bothered me a little. It wasn’t that she told the group because I do put my life online now but it was the fact that when she got no reaction after telling her life story, she felt compelled to tell someone else story. It was sad but I know I am here for a reason. She then told everyone that they was not on her level about God because she reads her Bible and know scripture and is a pastor but she didn’t go to school to be a pastor she was ordained and the biggest hypocrites know scripture well but is unable to live by it. Even Satan was once an Angel.

Anyways, I met a few great people who keep me laughing. I met them in training and I love that they entrusted me with their testimonies and we were able to have that bond with each other. They were great men and women and I am blessed to know them all. It was really cool to have people around me with the same heart I do and they were more than generous to people. I have also ran into a few bad apples but that was to be expected. Overall training has been good.

Well God brought an old fiend back into the picture and I am thankful for that because he has done some major changes in his life because the last time we chatted he was going through some major life storms and he was very negative toward those around him and his self. He has giving his life over to the Lord and told me his testimony about why he went to him and his short comings as a man, father and now ex husband. It was so nice to see him in a different light. I could really see the changes in him and we got to talking and he shared some memories of me that he had and all I can say is thank the Lord for growth and maturity. I saw the devil that once consumed my life and I am so glad God saved me. He was a different man and I was blessed by his spirit. He later asked me if I wanted to hang and my mind went to negativity but he explained a lot and said he just wanted someone to talk to and nothing sexual and how he has been celibate for a yr and half and that really caught my attention because that was not him from the past. He was saying how he was saving his self for the woman God sent. He then asked me to attend church with him and that was great.

Omg my son went to his first “real” interview and he got the job. I am so proud of him and all he is accomplishing. He will be hopefully taking off to college in January but I am seeing God use him and I am so happy for him.

The boys start school in the morning. I was a little heart broken that I was unable to get them the things they needed but God is awesome. Although I wasn’t able to get them anything, my sister (shocked) bought them school clothes, backpacks and under garments, I am so thankful because despite my situation God is blessing me through others. They also have their main school supplies and they was funded by a lady who was doing her first school drive. God is doing amazing things in my life and I am so thankful for it all.

Just keep the faith my friends.

Remember I love you but God loves you more!


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