My Father Thinks A Lot Of Me!!!!


Hello fellow bloggers and friends, hope you’re all having a praise filled Tuesday. Well let me tell you all that the devil has visited my home. He brought his behind in the door yesterday and I guess he decided to stay over night. Although, he may not be visible, he has laid his lying butt on my sofa and now it seems he has come to play games and may try to trick me into backsliding. He won’t win this time because I am prepared with the word of the Lord to rebuke him and all he has come to do.

He came yesterday jumping in bodies around my home and he almost got me. He jumped his conniving behind into the body of my 12yr old nephew and one thing I do not like is a smart mouth child or a child that has no respect for adult figures whether male or female. My sister-in-law has been having the most problems out of him and believe me she has tried everything to get him straight and my brother is no help to her being that he is currently incarcerated and has been there the past ten years. They have four kids together two boys, and two girls, he is the baby boy. He normally comes over here and he’d actually listen to me and behave. Now this is how I know satan is here, because my nephew knows how I am about a child with a smart mouth and a child that cuss because he’s been around enough. Even my boys know better, my eighteen year old son will test his water but he knows how far he can go before he’ll drown and my nephew went well over that line.

Anyways, here’s satan: my nephew had said the day before how he cusses at his other granny’s house and around his mom because no one can catch him and my sister-in-law works night, so he is in the streets. Now, I heard him saying these words and I hear my mother saying well you know your auntie don’t play that, referring to me. Y’all in my head I’m telling myself that he is telling me that he is about to test his power around here and cuss. Anyway the day pass and he behaved. Satan came yesterday, my nephew was scared thinking he was in some serious trouble for something he had done at home. He was sitting quietly on the floor playing on his phone and this is when we got the unannounced visitor. He started playing with the other kids, all smaller than him, and he likes to make them cry when I’m looking and only the two youngest will tell on him but not my middle son, he will allow him to bully him. Well I kept hearing my mom call his name, so I came in the room and told them I would discipline them if they kept it up. He jumps up yelling and heads for the door and says,” fuck this shit,” and walks out. Well I go outside behind him and tell him to get back in the house and several of the neighbors are outside and he gets to the middle of the street and scream back,”fuck y’all.” People it took God to keep me from running to catch him and treat him like a grown man. I told him that when he returned it would be him and I, but I refused to chase after a child because I don’t chase after my own. I called his mom and left her a message about the situation and my course of action. Please don’t get me wrong, she has tried everything to get him to mind: time outs, rewarding his good behavior, allowances, grounding, whoopings, the police, and etc and she’s had cps called several times on her and he did it twice. This is one child who really needs is father or he’ll follow in his footsteps.

So after he cussed me out, I am now angry so I call my oldest and tell him if he comes to ask for a ride to bring him home. Well about 20 maybe 30 minutes later my son and his friends drive into the yard but I noticed my oldest is trying to back in and then I see this little head in the car. He gets out and tries to take off running but I grabbed him and told him to get in the house and he starts pulling and tugging like I am hurting him. My oldest picks him up and brings him in the house. Thank God for Jesus! My intentions were to whoop him for cussing me out but I was angry, God knew if I disciplined him my anger would get the best of me. So he’s crying because he is mad and I honestly don’t care. I find myself in his face telling him about the path he is heading down and how if he ever cussed me out again I would wash my hands of him. I told him at the present moment he has two choices: jail or a coffin. By the time I finished fussing I was hoarse and I realized I was crying because he had pushed me to that level were for a split second I had almost forgot I was dealing with a child. Satan didn’t win though because God wouldn’t allow him too and I took the time to pray because if I had caught my nephew when it first happened I may not have been here to write this blog. After my fussing he called for his other granny to come and pick him up.

Satan tried again later that night after all this, my son calls because he has messed up his car. He gave the short version of the incident: they were going to get gas and he turned into the parking lot and his tire went one way and the car another. So now I am worried because he said he was a few blocks away from the house but it took him forever to get home. So I decide to entertain the other kids while we wait outside on him. When he finally comes home I see him and his friends are all ok and the car has minor damage. (Thank God) So now my nerves are back down and we start laughing and joking. Well he decides to give my mother the longer version of what happened to his car later while I sleep. He said that he was upset because my nephew cussed out his mother and he has never cussed out his aunt. He was mad because he’s eighteen and wouldn’t dare say what he said because he was taught to respect his adults. He said after he put my nephew in the house, when he brought him back that, he wasn’t clearly thinking and sped off in his car and when he got to the store he turned to fast and hit a pothole. His rim and tire continued to the store, while the car went to the right. He was trying to correct his vehicle while his friends chased his tire….Thank God for his watchful eye over them because that could have been a tragedy.  Satan didn’t win there! God prevailed!

So this morning I get off to a wonderful start, I wake up nice and early to prepare for my morning exercise. Three friends decided to join me this morning so I eager to see them and chat. I fix my breakfast and sit down to enjoy it: eggs, toast, banana and oatmeal with a serving of good cold water. I am able to get a few scriptures in and everything seems to be on track. Well one of my friends call and said she would be late because we were going to go somewhere and walk, so she would be picking me up. Well now I am waiting and once again I grow impatient but I wait. She finally comes walking up and now the sun is beaming and she decides we’ll walk to the field to meet our other friends. We get there and walk the track a few miles and discuss the things going on between us. Since this was not my normal walk I must tell y’all I was a little afraid. You see we stay in a small town and we have only one major road but it gets a lot of use. We had to travel that road to get to the football field, so as we walk big trucks are flying by us and I could feel the wind from their trailers. Some acted as if they couldn’t even see us or cared. Anyways, we made it there safely! (Thank God again)

We finish our walk and come home. I needed a few more laps in, so I came and got my second son and let him walk with me. He wanted to get out the house but the morning walk was to long for him to take. So we walk and run an errand and then back home. Well I knew satan was still here but I didn’t allow him to break my spirits. Anyways, I got home and my mother informed me that they had come and disconnected one of our utilities. She seemed to be at ease and that as good. All I could say was God will fix it! the devil thought he had me for sure that time. Then she tells me that the place I went to was calling for me. They help with jobs and other services and we all know I am not working right now. So I called her back and she told me that I had been denied some services and gave me a number to call to find out why. So I called the number and they told me that I failed to cooperate with the people who were offering me their help. The people this guy is referring to is the same lady that had me to call him so I know he is not being honest because I know the lady rather good. Anyways, he tell me I can try again at a later time and the lady said,”no next time I will make certain that I call them myself.”

That devil thought he had me again but I didn’t give him that moment either. So he started sending doubt through my head telling me God wasn’t there for me but I know the Lord I serve. He may not come when I call him but he’s always on time. Then it hit me God gives his hardest battles to his strongest soldiers. He would never put more on me than I can bear. He would never leave me nor forsake me! He wouldn’t lead me where the grace of God would not bring me out. My Father must think so highly of me right now. As I lay and think about all I have endured over the last few months my God must think I’m superwoman but then again he made me in his image.


Then I realized satan wouldn’t be here if the Lord wasn’t blessing me but I needed to clear my head. You see I woke up this morning and there was a roof still over my family’s head. I ate breakfast which means we had food in our refrigerator another day. Then I walked with friends, which means God blessed me with strength and I still had the ability to use all my limbs. I was able to run that errand and you remember I did that with my son, that means God blessed all four of my sons to see another day. I didn’t get the help I needed but God said I’m coming through for you my child, just wait. I didn’t get the job I applied for but it was God once again saying my daughter I have something better for you. Remember the devil comes to rob, steal and destroy but he can’t do any of that because Jesus said he came so that we may have life and have it more abundantly. No weapon formed against me shall prosper. You see the devil came to visit but just like unwanted guest, they too will leave when they start to notice that are not wanted.

I may be going through this storm and I can’t see the sunshine because the clouds are so thick but I will stand here in this doorway and praise God. Yes satan tried to get me to doubt God but the Lord will continue to provide for me and my family. The devil can keep trying but I know that the Lord will prevail because he has given me the strength to weather this storm. The devil wouldn’t be attacking me this much if the Lord didn’t have a blessing for me. The Lord said all I needed was faith the size of a mustard seed but satan is trying to make me feel like I’m unworthy of the Lord’s love. Don’t get me wrong, I am but God said repent and he would forgive me.

The Lord has done more than enough for me and if this is where the blessings stop I am blessed way more than I deserve. So even the devil can’t win today because I have joy in my heart. I know God is making a way and as long as I got strength I’ll gladly praise wherever I can stand or kneel.

I love you but God loves you more!

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