Praises this Morning


Glory, glory, hallelujah since I laid my burden downs. Friends, don’t treat me like they use to, since I laid my burdens down. ( This song is in my head this morning) God removes all negative from your life if you give him the control he needs over your life.

Fellow bloggers and friends I can’t begin to tell you how great God is and the joy he has brought into my life. This morning I was up ready to dance for the Lord. He woke me up this morning with joy in my heart and started me on my way. I was able to get up and catch a good breakfast and I was able to get a little walk in this morning.

This morning my walk was a little different. I got a late start this morning because a friend was supposed to walk with me but she had to stay over at work. Then as I began my journey I grew tired all of a sudden, this was unusual because I can normally do three to four miles but I barely got in a mile before my calves were ready to cave in. Traffic was well on its way and everyone was moving around. The air was filled with the fumes of the cars and the morning preparation of the breakfast places. I could smell donuts from afar and the sweet smell of their coating being made. The people were now filling the parking lot of stores as they ran in to grab the things they needed for their day but my body just wasn’t in the mood to travel among the crowd. So as I turned back to head home I thought about life and I was singing the song coming from my phone and it reminded me of how great God is. The song says, faithful is our God, I’m reaping the harvest God promised me, take back what the devil stole from me, and I rejoice today, for I shall recover it all.

Yes, I will because the devil has taken a lot from me but everything he stripped me of made me turn to the Lord. I desired to rebuild the relationship with the Father who never left me but I turned my back because of all I had to endure. The devil took away my home, car and job but God said fear not how ye will survive because I am a provider. The devil didn’t see me drop my head in fear but instead I praised God in prayer. The devil tried harder because he without my job I couldn’t pay bills. They sent me the bills and cut off notices but my God is so awesome. They sent my cut off notice for my lights and I knew I had no income to pay them and the day they were suppose to cut them off God intercepted the signal and my lights stayed on. When I finally got a way to pay for them, they called to inquire about the cost and the company informed them that I had been disconnected but you see God didn’t allow that to come through and the lady thought I was joking when I informed her that I was not cut off and she said how was that and I said God’s mercy. They then sent the man to cut my water off and we watched this man cut it off but God….. We still have water and God is still making a way.

You see every obstacle the devil has sent to distract me from praising God, has only made me praise him more. God didn’t have to prove I could trust him but he did because he knew the things I have been through in my life and I thank him every day. The devil will continue to try to get me off the path the Lord has placed me on but I will continue to praise God through the storms the devil brings. I can’t help but praise God because he is taking me out the darkness and delivering me into the light. Life is not perfect but God is showing me that I can still have joy in my heart and a praise worthy to scream and shout.

The Lord delivered me from a job that no longer brought me joy and a job that no longer served the purpose in which God has sent me there. This job had started using malicious practices to get the staff to follow unsafe practices making the job harder for the employees and unsafe for the people we were to care for. I started to get sick when it was time to return to work and I found myself filled with hatred toward the upper management and that wasn’t what I was placed there for. We were losing those we cared for left and right and it seemed no one cared enough to speak up and those that did found themselves in trouble. I asked God to spend time with my boys and for something different. Well I have the time to spend with my boys, it took me some time to see this blessing but I am thankful I did. I now get to enjoy these time with my babies before school returns and I got to see my oldest son graduate without having to rush off to be at work or missing it all together. I have received a job offer and the company seems to be ok but I know if it is from the Lord I will start and grow in this company.

I can actually sit and talk to my sister without any anger in my heart. I took the issue to the Lord and he is working it out. It’s nice to sit around family without harboring resentment in my heart. It’s been years since I have talked to my sister or been in her home but by God’s grace and mercy he is healing me. Her husband (one of the people who molested me) I have forgiven him because forgiveness is for me not him. I know he will have to answer to the Lord for the actions he took against me. I am God’s child and he will protect me from the evils of this world because he has promised to protect those who call upon his name. It nice to know that I am free to be who God created me to be because the hardcore girl I thought I needed to be was lost because I didn’t want to fight all the time but I was afraid of people continuing to hurt me. I can sit among the thieves as long as I don’t participate in their actions.

I’ve been blessed to be asked to join a group supporting women, helping the children of our community and our elders. I have been praying about this group because it can be a very positive thing that this community needs but the members would have to be really invested in encouraging others and being helpful to the people despite their differences. It’s something that has been on my heart but I knew because of who I was not many would join because of selfishness but God didn’t say I had to start it. The lady who has brought forth the effort has asked me to be active in the process. Right now it seems to be taking off but the next meeting will show who’s really ready to put forth some effort to stand in this community. With all that is going on this community needs something positive and the kids need better role models and activities. They need to see people coming together for the greater good.

I’ve been exercising and reading my Bible (on my phone) because I need to keep my thoughts positive because the negativity slips in and if we are weak we will allow it to stay permanently. I need to  stay positive and focused on the Lord and his words. He has brought me so much joy even when I should be falling about the Lord is giving me the strength I need to endure these trials. He keeps increasing my faith and giving me testimonies to share with the world. I just want to continue to please him and share his word through my actions, speech and the way I carry myself.

As I write this I know today a nurse that has been a part of my life and my oldest has passed away and I can only pray for her family. She had a heart of gold and always greeted you with a smile and kind word. I tell people, that this is a temporary place and we are only passing through. If we get to know the Lord then he awaits our return home and it’s there he chooses where we shall stay. The after life is the eternity he promised but we have to get right with him this day. She will be missed by so many but at least she has no more pain or sorrows.

People life is short and before I leave this world I want my relationship with God to be the best relationship I have. I don’t want to spend my life sheltering myself because of the pain of yesterday. I want to be free to love, help and encourage others. The sins I have committed I can only ask the Lord to forgive me because I know the life I led and the things I did to others while trying to protect myself by being hardcore. I want the life I lead now to be an example to others about how great the Lord is. I am blessed despite all I have went through and I am so grateful that the Lord has touched my life. He said ask and I shall receive; well I asked for grace and mercy, favor and redemption and he supplied. He said seek and I shall find; well I sought him, forgiveness, repentance and deliverance and he supplied. He said knock and it shall be opened, I knocked on his door ready to return unto him and guess what he answered and opened his door and welcomed me in and back into his arms.

God sent his only son Jesus to die for my sins, so I can surely live my life for them. I will stand, praise and worship because I know the God I serve and the work he can do in us all. I am praying for you all!

I love you but God loves you more!

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