Happy Birthday to Me but All Thanks to God!


Good morning friends and fellow bloggers I am filled with great joy this morning. It’s my birthday, I’m super excited and probably getting on everyone’s nerve by now but I am already smiling. It’s my birthday and I have already published two selfie collages to start this great day off and I know I sound a little vain right now but hey I only get this once a year. Sadly it’s the first one in which I have been extremely excited to see. I haven’t been excited about a birthday since I was 7 or 8. My birthday was just a normal day for me and I just got older, I never celebrate or do anything special but this year I am celebrating as a child of God’s. I am celebrating the decision to give the Lord my life and allowing him to use me according to his Will. I am super excited to know God the way I do now and to know he loves me so much because he has given me another wonderful year and I have the opportunity to make this the best year because now I know my stand and where my devotion lies.


This morning I am thankful to be in the land of the living. I woke up with joy in my heart and ready to get my day started. The Lord woke me up and started me on my way. I started my day a little tensed because I had another one of those dreams about my son that had me unsettled. As you know I must share so the dream was: My oldest son and my mom’s sister ( I will not address her as aunt) son had got into an altercation because her son had disrespected my mom and I stated before my son’s love for his grandmother. Anyways, my mom’s sister son is way older than my son and has been in a lot of serious trouble but my mom’s sister thinks he is a saint. Anyways, a gun was involved in the incident and the situation was diffused and every one went their separate ways, at least I thought. Anyways a few hours later, a knock at the door and it’s the police. Apparently my mom’s sister called the police on my son and lied about who had the weapon and they were there to arrest my son. Several of the officers were telling the story of how they didn’t believe that it was my son because my mom’s sister’s son had previously been incarcerated for possession of firearms, attempted murder, assault with a deadly weapon and had attempted manslaughter charges for running our chief and Sargeant off the road during a police chase. Anyways, one of the officers apparently knew my son and kept taunting him and being unaware I thought he was trying to man handle my son. Well they arrested him and now I am upset because my mom knows her family and they have put my son in jeopardy behind some mess. The Lord than woke me and I had to pray.

Anyways, I read my Bible, did my study and accepted the Lord’s word. I fixed a small breakfast and started my exercises. I proceeded to get my walk in but this time I was a little behind schedule, the city transportation was ahead of me this morning and traffic was already in progress. I was cramping as I began my walk but I pushed through the pain asking God for his strength. The smell of the air was different this time, I guess more cars had started moving around and that meant smoke was now lingering in the air. The stores along the main street had started to pop their lights on to begin their work day. The donut place no longer had the sweet smell of fresh donuts. I didn’t even notice that they were under new management, third time in over two years since the original owners passed in a car wreck. By now I could feel the pain in my left knee starting to rise but I tried not to allow it to bother me but I could feel the pressure ready to give. I really need to get my pcl fixed but tired of people cutting on my body. I know that it will be healed one day but for now I continue to pray about it. The train met me today and because our city is so small, the train literally separates us and may cause a delay in our daily lives. This morning I welcomed the blaring of the horn as it approached and screamed in my face but the eerie sound of the guard rails coming down was noticed more than the noise of the train. I guess their flashing red lights caused them to receive more attention. So I turned around and made it safely home, by now my left side feet and hands are swollen but I have survived my walk. Also the place were the yellow jacket stung me itches more but it appears to be going away and I noticed they have three nests under our garage…

So my journey ends with me walking again to the local school to register my 5yr old. The school is in walking distance but I really didn’t feel like budging but I went with my niece. I can’t believe I am getting him ready once again to start school. Let’s pray I have no more little ones. (lol) This will be his first year in school and he as to have it to go to the school where my oldest attended. Our school in the district has lost the passion they once had for teaching our kids. Now they are going through the formality to change the school’s name because of the need for the school but the failure to pass the TAAS/STAR test that seem to pose a challenge for most of our kids. So a name change will give the school a fresh start which I think is unfair to the kids. My boys will be in uniforms again so that means early shopping because our stores just started carrying the uniforms but never enough.

Oh yea! I sat at my sister’s house again yesterday with no problems. I did my niece’s hair while there and I actually sat for a little after her husband arrived. I was over there because my great-niece decided to have a fit because I had no big kids at home to play with her and she wanted to go to her granny’s. Yes, I walked her in the 100 degree heat to her granny’s and sad how many family and so-called friends saw us walking and offered not one ride but we made it and I had water. Even the baby (1yr old) walked all the way. I was proud of him but I knew once he stopped he was going to be tired. So I can say I am doing a lot better and God is truly changing me from the inside out.

Well my loves I pray you all have a great day and may the Lord continue to bless you all.

Remember I love you but God loves you more!


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  1. “Good morning friends and fellow bloggers I am filled with great joy this morning. It’s my birthday, I’m super excited and probably getting on everyone’s nerve by now but I am already smiling”.


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