Walking in Favor!


Good morning my beautiful friends and followers! Today we are all walking in favor and I hope we are able to praise him. Well I have been woke since 3 something this morning and I am blessed because the Lord granted me another day here on this Earth to praise his holy name.

I woke up because my oldest left a light on and lights disturb me, yes, even during sleep. God was just telling me we needed to talk so that’s what I did. I enjoyed a conversation with my Lord and Savior before he started me on my way. I read his lovely book and got my scripture lesson in and knocked out both of my reading plans. I then enjoyed some exercises and fixed myself a little breakfast. That was cool since I am starting my workouts back after being under my doctor’s care for my torn ab muscles. So I am feeling great now that I can exercise again, thank God for that.

My breakfast was light a little oatmeal, boiled egg and a piece of raisin toast and some water. Yes, that seemed to fill my belly just fine. Thank God I have been blessed to kick my addiction because this is when I would want it most but God is keeping me grounded and I am kicking the habit. Anyways, I started my walk and I did pretty good with that. I was out and about before the morning transportation was. I got to see the beautiful meeting of the moon and the rising sun. I saw the people preparing for their work day and I broke a sweat. I also got to enjoy some great music in my ears as I get my body and things in shape.

I had forgotten how the fresh morning air smells. It’s so calming and it was very peaceful because people were just getting started so not a lot of vehicles moving about or people rushing to and from. It was just a natural, calming that brought peace to you and it felt good. Anyways, when I returned home my mom had locked me out. (lol) Funny because she said she thought I had went to work, thank God for his vision to her about me working. She’s just giving me an early start, I still have 11 more days to go before I start working.

Yesterday, I was stung by a yellow jacket! Boy did that hurt! Well I woke up to a huge bruise and knot but I am good. My legs are sore but I am so grateful that I can feel that because I know a few people who don’t have that ability. No this is not something that I am bragging on but something I like to remind people of especially kids. I never want my boys or any one to take advantage of the abilities and senses that God has given them because someone somewhere wishes for them. I teach my boys to love all and I have a slightly different way of explaining to my boys about kids with disabilities. I like to tell my kids God make those kids unique because we’re all the same but God made them so special so they could stand out to show how much his love for us all was. They are to be admired for being the courageous children that they are and to be loved just as we wish to be but even more because God made them unique. Sorry I got off topic but they have special places in my heart and always will.

Well my boys have gotten away from home again, so it’s just me, the baby, my oldest and my mom. Today is going to be a great day and if the Lord says the same then I’ll be here tomorrow giving praise and celebrating my birthday.

My life is still going despite all I am going through. God is still providing for me and my family. Some may look at my life and wonder why I haven’t fallen a part yet but the simple truth is I should be weeping and given up but the Lord I serve won’t allow me to. He keeps giving me a reason to rise to the occasion. I can’t stop because he loves me to much to give up. I know he did not bring me this far to leave me now. I also know he will never leave me nor forsake me. I am standing on his words and the promises he promised. My faith will get me through and I’ve been told the greater my trial is the greater my blessing.

God sent Jesus to die for me the least I can do is live for him. I will continue to praise him and glorify his name. If today is all I got then I will use every breath in my body to praise until there is no more breath left. Prayer changes things and it’s changing me. Thank God for mercy!

I love you but God loves you more!


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