I am God’s business!

I am thankful this morning to be among the living, because some one somewhere took their last breath. That may not sound good but they are home while I am still wandering through this Earth.

I am thankful that the Lord blessed all four of my boys with another day and we are all healthy and together.

I am thankful for another day to be able to read and learn more about my Father, I was able to exercise this morning. I had minor pains and aches but I was blessed still to be able to move.

I am thankful that the Lord blessed us with lights, water, gas, shelter and food for another day.

I am thankful for the peace that is in my home at this very moment.

I am thankful that a wasp sting didn’t need medical attention.

I am thankful to share laughter with my boys.

Yes Lord, I have a lot of praise to give. My 1yr old took his nap listening to a sermon by Bishop T D Jakes on my mind. I am so blessed despite all I have to over come.

This may not seem like much to you but to me and mine this is a lot.

I say thank you Lord for loving us, protecting us, guiding us, delivering us, and blessing us.

Lord, I love you

Remember my friends, I love you but God loves you more!

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