August is Here!!!!!


Well good morning, August is here, my favorite phrase: I woke up this morning on top of the dirt versus the dirt on top of me! Meaning God has seen fit for me to enjoy another beautiful day which means he’s not done with me yet. Amen.

Well as you all know I finished my Proverbs Challenge yesterday and decided to take on a new challenge using my wonderful Bible App. The Power of Being Thankful is the name of the challenge and it is by Joyce Meyers (I love her). A little about this is challenge: She believes that giving thanks to God daily will positively impact our lives. It’s for fourteen days and in those days she shares fourteen inspiring messages that will spark an attitude of gratitude in our hearts. So it lasts fourteen days but I am willing to accept any challenge that will keep me reading my wonderful Bible.

My first reading was 1 Chronicles 23:30: and to stand every morning to thank and praise Jehovah, and likewise at even;

I was doing just that this morning. I woke up with the blessing of the Lord and in great spirits. I usually just praise the Lord when I open my eyes but this morning I started it off with prayer because I felt a need too. I try not to question my Father, so I kneeled in prayer! Oh what a blessed thing to talk to him through prayer than in regular morning conversation. He knew I needed a change this morning and I am glad he sent word.

I was even able to exercise! Thank God, my body is healed and I can finally get back to a routine. Although, I should have read my Bible before exercising but I will admit I got overly excited. August is here! I did the abs and squat 30 day challenge and the butt challenge (that’s a major challenge, since I have none). Anyways it felt good to be back exercising. I feel like God is working on my mind and spirit, so I need to get my body in alignment with everything going on. Mind, body and spirit in alignment with God.

Also August is here and although I never really do anything, this is also my birthday month. Yay! I share this month with my sister, her mother in law (RIH), her grand baby (my nephew), her son (my oldest nephew), her stepson (my nephew by marriage), our baby cousin(RIH) and my nephew’s girlfriend and the mother of his child. Me and my niece mom share the same day, my sister and her grand baby, and my nephew and cousin. I know so weird but that’s how it is. So Leos’ have made it! I never really get to do anything on my birthday but I am happy to see it just the same. It’s the day the Lord gave me life and I will enjoy it even if I’m sitting home like usual.

Also, my heart goes out to my cousin because her son passed July 22, which is my oldest birthday and his birthday is August 17th which is my oldest nephew’s. His death was tragic and felt throughout our city and surrounding cities. He died in the care of my God-sister (she is in a relationship with his uncle, my cousin), she had taking him along with her kids and a few more to the local lake to enjoy the hot day. While she was unloading the car all the kids ran for the water, they knew how to swim and this wasn’t their first time out there. However, God was ready for my cousin to come home. He went under and it’s suspected that the suck hole grabbed him. Local divers recovered him but it was too late. The hardest news to hear even if you’re not family. So as we celebrate life, we celebrate both, life as we enter this world and life as we return home. God is the ultimate goal and my cousin was devoted to the Lord at very early age in life and he did not take his praise lightly for he truly worshiped Our Lord.

Also my friend lost her grandfather just the other day and although I am unable to comfort her by spending time with her, I make sure to let her know I love her and that I am here for her. I know the feeling of losing a grandparent because I went through that heartache myself. My grandfather was the only grandparent I knew and I loved him greatly. The memories I have with him will never be taken because he always made me smile from the old stories he told or the games he wanted to play. Although Alzheimer’s cut his time in half, I am grateful for those moments with him. His mind would come and go but even those memories make me happy. I have walked in her shoes and as a grand-daughter it hurts to have to tell them bye when they are so close to you. In October of this year my grandfather would be gone for 21yrs and not a day go by that I don’t miss him. I am praying that God gives her and the family strength during this time because they were a close-knit family and I hate to see people hurt but we have to remember that we are just traveling through Earth and the ultimate goal should be to be in Heaven with the Lord, which is eternal. So please lift both my cousin and friend in prayer.

So as you can see I am in great spirits despite all that is going on in my life. I know that I can get through it all with Christ Jesus and he will guide me as I continue to progress. This process has not been easy but it is worth it and every step I take brings me closer to God.

My dear friends, this journey with God has brought to the bottom only for me to look up and acknowledge that God is my everything. It took me reaching the bottom to enjoy the moment that God has given me. I am learning as I go but I have faith in the Lord and all he has promised. I don’t know what is going on in your life right now but I tell you to keep praying and calling on the Lord, let him guide your way and you will see him transform your life for the best. Keep your head up high because God gives his strongest battles to his strongest soldiers because he knows that they will mount up their faith and fight with his words to rebuke and destroy the devil that comes to rob, steal and destroy our dreams. God knows who you are, where you are and all you’re going through because he created you. So when you’re tired of doing things your way remember he is a merciful God who forgives us all. Renew your heart and receive Christ.

I love you but God loves you more

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