What a glorious day to praise God and lift his name on high. Well this is a beautiful day that I am rejoicing in because it wasn’t a guarantee that I’d see it but I am so thankful God has given me this day. Well everyone I am in the company of 6 little people and I must admit we have a wonderful and adventurous night filled with juice and teaching little people how to play cards. My sister and niece and niece in law got a wonderful break from kids and I got to entertain.

Well this is the 26th day of July and also the day I got to read the 26th chapter of Proverbs. Yes, I’m still doing my Proverbs challenge and will continue to read my book after the challenge is over because it’s so powerful.

I’m just here because I love God and all he is! Life is not perfect nor in order but he’s made it worth living. I’m still in this tunnel but soon I will be in the sunlight. So if I must praise him in this darkness then hey I will lift my hands and get my praise on. I serve such an awesome God and today I just want to give him praise.

He has removed so many shackles off my life and I’m walking into my destiny. Praises going up! I love my Lord and I will answer any calling he has on my life. I am blessed to SERVe and be loved by him.


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