God Will Make a Way!


Fellow bloggers and followers if I could dance I would be up screaming, shouting and dancing but I have two left feet but I am up giving the Lord his praises. I am rejoicing and basking in his love….Let me share my story with you all.

Yesterday I woke up in great spirits. I got a lot of things done that the Lord sent my way. I got a call from a job offer that saw my resume on another site and they called and offered me a job. Thank you Jesus! So yesterday I had to rise early and prepare for the interview. I just kept praying to God to see me through and whatever his decisions were I was following. I went to the interview and it was a lot because the guy who was interviewing me assumed I had a record but it was a computer error on their behalf. The Lord has blessed me not to have a record or any convictions. I needed them to fix that asap. Then the other guy who finished the interview wasn’t even listening to me because when I stopped talking his yeas, un hus, and other words kept going. That didn’t sit well with me because I could tell he wasn’t listening and I didn’t want him writing his own answers to the questions he was asking me. I kept a leveled head. Well I was offered the job and was told that I needed to go get my drug screen done. Well no money but my nephew decided to give me the gas to get the testing done. The devil tried again because I had to locate the place since their directions was poor. When I got there I had to go but wasn’t allowed to because someone else was ahead of me but I forgot they want to watch the before process but I didn’t endure too much pain.( not allowed to hold urine, bad kidneys) Well my nephew fussed because I came home but he got over it.

Well my lights was past due and was supposed to be disconnected. I wasn’t given an extension so I prayed and asked God to do what he saw fit and I would count it all as joy. Well they didn’t cut the lights off like they were supposed to…..but here’s God working. I finally found a way to get the help I needed in getting it but it was two days after the day they were suppose to be cut off. I went in to the place to pay my bill and the lady told me that she would have to send out a reconnect order, so the lady in front of me says I thought your lights was on and I agreed because they were and she said but how because I’m sending out a notice now to reconnect them because we cut them off 7/14 that morning. I said honey it’s called the grace of God, you may have sent the signal but God intervened. They laughed but I praised because only God has that type of power. You can’t tell me he won’t do it!!!!!!!! Thank you!

Then the day before they came to shut my water off. I knew that God was already there and he knows all I am going through and the steps I am taking to correct the issue at hand so I can be the child he has called me to be. Well they arrived outside and informed my mother that they were about to shut the water off and once again I went to the Lord in prayer. Whatever you see fit, I’ll count it all as joy! Two days later the water still roaring through the pipes. God is so awesome and I have such a huge praise in me because he is working it out.

Well yesterday after talking to my landlord and things, she sent her daughter to the house. I tell y’all I been knowing this girl and her family since I was 7 or 8. We use to call each other best friends and she knows me and the attitude I use to carry but now that I am screaming and shouting for the Lord and people take it as a sign of weakness. Anyways, after being woke to talk to her, I go outside to see what she wanted. She gets to talking about how I’m trying to live off her mother for free and I’m taking advantage of her mother and etc. Well thank God for holding on to me! I calmly explained that I had informed her mother of my situation and told her that if she wanted me to vacate I would do so but her mom kept saying no but remember how much you owe me and I said cool. Duh! I do owe her and I know how much so I thought it was over until she sent her daughter down here. The crazy thing her daughter kept using the people “Indians” as her reference to try to scare me. She kept saying how she was heartless and needed her money and if I don’t pay her mom, her mom can’t pay her and she has no heart and she don’t mind me being on the streets. In my mind her words is stirring the pot but not in a good way.

She gets to telling me how these “Indians” upgraded the house they were buying from her and she felt like they should have to pay her more. So she took them to court, hired a lawyer and because of the people she knew at the jail house and court she got away with it. Her grandmother and grandfather on both sides were well-known in the community. She won and they were forced to pay her more money for upgrading the house they were buying from her. I found it odd that she kept calling them those “Indians” and I was waiting for her to step out of character and call me by my race because I was going to snap. I grew up around her grandparents and she was there because her mom couldn’t keep her so they weren’t racist but I know her uncles were. It sad because her mom and her dated black guys but it seemed they were prejudice against those not in their circle. I had a boyfriend who said he was whiteophobic but dated white girls. It makes no sense but it’s people I hear about like that. She pushed me to max but God stepped in and kept me from hurting her because before I knew it I had backed her up in a corner.

I may be going through the fire but God will bring me out and I will not even smell like smoke. You see with all this going on it is just increasing my faith that the Lord will see me through. I am so close to my breakthrough and I will have an abundance because God promised that. I am seeing his work and I will testify about how much he loves us if we just believe in him and give him our lives. I ain’t a saint but I am on my way. I will no longer rent but own. I will no longer live pay check to pay check because what God is about to do will bring forth great victory. Bills will be paid because I’m heading into my season. I will preach his word from mountain tops. I will sing praises while running through my house. Lord, I’m so thankful to you for all you do.

People I tell you favor ain’t fair but when you trust in the Lord it’s not suppose to because you’ve got to walk with Christ to understand how his favor works. He’s a man who’ll honor his words, who’ll comfort you and who’ll walk with you. If you don’t know the Lord I tell you it’s time. If you’re going through some trials right now and you can’t see a way out I tell you to pray and have faith and God will do it. I kept hearing God say no and I didn’t understand why but now I know he was making me wait out for something better. When I learned how to praise him during those no periods the yes periods seemed to last longer. When I learned that he answers all prayers, we just may not like the answer he gives but he knows us better than we know ourselves. So you have to accept the nos and the yes and count it all as joy.

My brother’s and sister’s I tell you God is about to walk us into our season. He just wants you to trust in him. I am living proof that you can make it through hard times. I know the road gets tough and storms seem to last longer but when God is the foundation in our lives he prepares us for any and every thing. I tell you not to give up but to rejoice because everything happens for a reason, even the bad. God is our refuge, our friend, our father and confidant. We can do all things through him that strengthens me.

I love you but God loves you more!


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